Dan and I have already broken down some of the new summer shows that most intrigue us, but if I'm being honest, the big summer action seems to be on the side of the returning shows.

Some of TV's very best series — "Orange Is the New Black," "True Detective," "Review" and "Rectify," to name just a few — are premiering new seasons this summer. Some are summer fixtures, and some have been moved here either due to production issues ("True Detective" season 2 took forever to get cast, for instance) or simply to separate them from the clutter of the traditional TV season.

As I said in that previous post, I'm still figuring out which shows I'll be covering regularly versus periodically, but these are some of the vets we're most eager to see come back over the next few months. (Or, in a few cases like "Under the Dome," summer shows that someone, somewhere is excited about, but that Dan is still watching out of masochism.)

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