I am what James Poniewozik at Time would call an Everybody Gets a Trophy kind of person. With the Baseball Hall of Fame, I'm a big Hall kind of guy. (Vote Tim Raines this year, people!) I like honoring as much excellence as I can, whenever I can, even if it comes at the risk of making everything a bit less special because so many things are being called special.

Even before the Too Much Good TV deluge began in the last couple of years, I was always somebody who tried to squeeze more than 10 shows into his yearly top 10 lists, whether through ties or other bending of the rules. One year, number 2 on my list was "Fact-based movies and miniseries," a ridiculous cheat that allowed me to squeeze six productions into one slot; another, I didn't even do a top 10 at all, but an amorphous list of things like "Best bickerers" ("Pardon the Interruption" hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon) or "Best cure for cynicism" ("The Wire").

Since I came to HitFix, I've generally done two best-of posts per year: the video top 10, and then a top 20 (or, last year, 25) that includes written takes on the initial 10, plus 10 (or 15) more I liked but couldn't squeeze into the main list. This year, though, my top 10 came in both video and written form at once, and because of that — and because there are just so many damn shows I want to acknowledge in some way — I'm doing something a little bit different.

Embedded below is a list of 10 veteran shows (though one of them only barely qualifies) I loved, but that didn't fit into the overall top 10, plus the names of a handful of others I also wanted to recognize. Next week, I'll do a similar list of new shows outside my overall top 10 (though several of them were also part of my HitFix critics poll ballot). There are many more shows I could have written praise for, but 30 shows across three lists probably is enough, even for me.

What does everybody else think?

Alan Sepinwall has been reviewing television since the mid-'90s, first for Tony Soprano's hometown paper, The Star-Ledger, and now for HitFix. His new book, "TV (The Book)" about the 100 greatest shows of all time, is available now. He can be reached at sepinwall@hitfix.com