By making only three stories per season, "Sherlockproducer Steven Moffat has already turned the 21st century Sherlock Holmes series (not to be confused with the one on CBS) into a rare enough treat that we have to wait long intervals to consume. And now it sounds like the wait for the next batch is even longer. 

EW is reporting that because of the busy schedules of Moffat (who also runs "Doctor Who") and stars Benedict Cumberbatch (who's the villain in the next "Star Trek" movie) and Martin Freeman (who is appearing in the 57 films that are being adapted from the 300-odd pages of "The Hobbit"), production on the next trio of "Sherlock" episodes has been pushed back from January to March, which will in turn delay when those episodes will air, first on the BBC (likely late 2013 now) and then PBS (possibly early 2014).

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