I published my review of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" yesterday. Now it's your turn. For those who watched the new FOX sitcom tonight from the "Parks and Recreation" guys, what did you think? Did you buy Andy Samberg as a cop, and like him in a relatively human role, or did you find his character too smug? How did you feel Andre Braugher did in a 100% comedy setting? Outside of those two and Terry Crews, did any of the supporting characters make an immediate impression on you? Did you laugh? And will you watch again? 

I intend to cover this show regularly, whether on its own or in a round-up with "New Girl" and any other Tuesday comedies I stick with. As I said yesterday, it's not great yet, but I see a lot of potential (and laughed at various bits like the "SNL" cameo, "Detective Terrible Detective" and Braugher's response to the robot voice), and in general I trust Mike Schur when it comes to fine-tuning a comedy with good raw material.

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