I posted my review of "Political Animals" on Wednesday. Now it's your turn. For those who tuned in, what did you think of Greg Berlanti's soap opera spin on the Clinton family story? Did you prefer the political material, the personal subplots, or even the material on the downfall of the newspaper business? Did you buy Ciaran Hinds as an alt-reality Bill Clinton? Enjoy Sigourney Weaver jousting with Carla Gugino? If you're a fan of the usual USA dramas, how did you feel about something this off-brand? And do you intend to watch the whole miniseries?

Have at it. Because it's airing in such a crowded timeslot, and because I'll be dealing with press tour, etc., for the next few weeks, I'm not going to be doing weekly posts on this one, but will endeavor to check back in after the final installment airs.

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