A quick review of last night's "How I Met Your Mother" coming up just as soon as I buy a ticket to see "Groins On Ice" at Madison Square Garden...

"Splitsville" was another episode where the comedy was too broad(*) for my liking (Nick being that dumb, Ted's team being that awful, the return of Patrice), so I instead want to focus on Barney's (fake, but only kinda) declaration of love for Robin.

(*) Over the last few seasons, I've seen people defend these gags as an example of Future Ted as an unreliable narrator, and that we're not supposed to take these things so literally. I have two problems with that argument: 1)The show tends to be very open about when Future Ted is stretching the truth (telling the kids that he can't remember Blah Blah's name, or that Robin's Thanksgiving date didn't really look like Orson Bean), and 2)Even if you assume that he's pretty much always exaggerating things, these jokes aren't funny enough to justify the idea.

As with so many things "HIMYM," the Barney/Robin romance is one of those things I was once invested in and now vacillate between not caring at all and being actively annoyed by. (Future Robin trying to back out of the wedding being a strong example of the latter.) So where once upon, I would have appreciated NPH's performance in that scene and the way it simultaneously worked as an obvious lie and as something Barney secretly felt, now it just prompted some mental calculations: Okay, if we assume the wedding comes near the end of the season, is this too early for them to get back together? Carry the 2, multiply it by the number of sweeps weeks remaining...  And, sure enough, it was too soon, as their inevitable kiss was preempted by Patrice.

What did everybody else think?

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