I can tell you who the new TCA Awards hosts are with just two words:

Liam Neesons.

Okay, maybe two more (plus an ampersand):

Key & Peele.

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, star of the eponymous Comedy Central sketch comedy series, will be the emcees for the Television Critics Association Awards (this year's nominees are here), which will be held on Saturday, August 3, towards the tail end of the summer TCA press tour.(*)

(*) To pre-empt the usual questions: the ceremony is not telecast or streamed anywhere. There was a brief experiment with airing the show on E! in the '90s. It was a disaster, and everyone decided the intimate nature of the thing — which includes winners who give real speeches because they don't have to worry about a clock, or about thanking every person they've ever met — was worth preserving. As always, I'll do a write-up the next day of the results and the best speeches.

Key and Peele join a TCA Awards hosting tradition that over the years has included Conan O'Brien, Nick Offerman, Bryan Cranston, Dax Shepard, Mary-Lynn Rajskub, Bob Newhart, Craig Ferguson and the Smothers Brothers.

No idea yet if they'll just do some stand-up, like the "Key & Peele" segments that link the sketches, or if they'll bust out characters like President Obama and his anger translator Luther, or the two valets who love them some Liam Neesons and Bruce Willy: 


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