Alan Sepinwall's week off

Time for your local TV critic to take the week off, with a few pre-written exceptions

<p>Hopefully, my family's time off will turn out better than the Simpsons' trip to Itchy &amp;&nbsp;Scratchy Land.</p>

Hopefully, my family's time off will turn out better than the Simpsons' trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land.

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Hey all, it is vacation time, and I'm going to do my best to completely unplug from now until Sunday night, when I'll be back to watch and write about the Oscar telecast.

The blog won't go completely dark while I'm gone, though. I've seen a handful of my regular shows ("Parks and Recreation" and "Community," to name two) in advance already and will be publishing short posts on them to give people a forum to talk about them in my absence. And I'll have one or two longer posts that I wrote last week that will be going up at certain points during the week.

If there's no post on something, it's because I didn't see it in advance, and/or I ran out of time trying to prep things for this vacation. I will not be revisiting anything I missed, as there will be a too many fresh things to write about. So if "Zero Hour" episode 2 turns out to be the show that changed television forever, and I wasn't here to remark upon that, I'm sorry.

Play nice, stay safe, and I'll see you sometime on Sunday night.

Alan Sepinwall
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