The 2014 Comic-Con kicks off a week from today in San Diego, and I'm going to be pressed into moderating duties for the CW's mid-season series "iZombie," starring Rose McIver (Vivian Scully on "Masters of Sex") as a young zombiefied woman who tries to mitigate her condition by taking a job in a morgue. It's adapted from the DC Comics series by the "Veronica Mars" team of Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero, featuring clips from the show and then a Q&A session, at 11:30 a.m. in Room 6BCF of the Convention Center.

Also, as anyone who's been to Comic-Con in recent years knows, Warner Bros. produces special bags for all Con-goers featuring pictures of various movies, TV shows and comic books in the corporate family. (I still use my "Chuck" bag whenever I take a trip to the beach.) And "iZombie" is going to be one of the bags this year, as you can see a picture of below. (Other bags: "Arrow," "Constantine," "The Flash," "The Following," "Gotham," "iZombie," "The Originals," "The Vampire Diaries," "Supernatural," "Mike Tyson Mysteries" and "Teen Titans Go!")

Hope to see some of you there.

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