With "Mad Men" coming to an end tomorrow night, we've unsurprisingly featured a lot of coverage on the show of late. On top of all my episodic reviews (you can find seasons 1-3 on my old blog), our recent "Mad Men" stories have included:

* Fienberg and I teaming up to pick our favorite 20 episodes.

* The HitFix staff picking some memorable acts of bad behavior by different "Mad Men" characters.

* My attempt to look ahead to a finale where anything can happen by looking back to one of the show's most surprising (and best) episodes, "Nixon vs. Kennedy."

* Memories of many late Sunday nights reviewing "Mad Men" before fatigue consumed me.

* An annotated list of "Mad Men" rankings that is meant to be considered with the utmost seriousness, and if you suggest otherwise, I'll thrash you with Lane's father's cane.

* Pre-season interviews with Jon Hamm and Matt Weiner.

* An essay on the show's unique place in TV history.

See ya sometime very late tomorrow night to discuss the end of it all. Sigh...

Alan Sepinwall has been reviewing television since the mid-'90s, first for Tony Soprano's hometown paper, The Star-Ledger, and now for HitFix. His new book, "TV (The Book)" about the 100 greatest shows of all time, is available now. He can be reached at sepinwall@hitfix.com