12:31 p.m.: Radnor recalls meeting a bartender from Majorca who had never left the island, yet began quoting obscure "HIMYM" lines at him the moment he entered. The bartender told him he loves the show "because it's all a flashback from the future, but it's to the present. So it helps me to realize that the past is now, and these are all my great memories. And it reminds me to enjoy my life and be present for my life, because these are going to be my memories."

12:34 p.m.: Segel had only been parts of unsuccessful shows (or unsold pilots) before this and loves that he's spent nearly a decade doing this show. Smulders feels honored to be part of this group. She hopes the fans enjoy the final season, "But I'm just excited to spend this time with these lovely people and our awesome crew and just absorb everything. I feel lucky that we get to say goodbye to you guys and to each other and to these characters that we've been privileged to play for so long."

12:36 p.m.: Harris: "I never thought that I'd get to make out with so many chicks! I dry-humped an old lady, for more than an hour! And then I came to work." ("That was Jason's," he apologizes.) He loves playing a character with a ridiculous, grand, adventurous attitude like Barney. He'd grown up playing roles that were confined by normalcy, where his co-stars were crazy, so it's been freeing for him to be the crazy one. He's also glad Bays and Thomas have stayed with the series for the entire run. "I will absolutely look back on this chapter as the best work experience that I will have ever done."

12:37 p.m.: Hannigan's also grateful to have a last season, "To thank you guys for your support. It is just so amazing that a sitcom could have fans like you guys. It's really so touching. You guys know the show way better than I do." She admits that when she does interviews, she's often tempted to go to Twitter to get help with her answers.

12:39 p.m.: Fan question time! Will we get to see Ted and the Mother's future together beyond the meeting, or will they just meet and we have to assume the rest? Bays, unsurprisingly, doesn't want to give anything away, "But among the many reasons that we wanted to do a 9th season," he explains, "the thing that made it appealing, at one point, the idea of the show was that the last scene of the last episode was, 'Here's this girl.' Here we are eight years later, and having had this experience, we, like you want, to know who this person is. We want to see Ted happy. We want to see the great moments that are ahead of him. So, yeah. We're going to get to know this lady and get to see the two of them." Thomas says they wanted fans to meet the Mother before Ted gets to meet her.

12:41 p.m.: Since Marshall is a game master, is Segel good at games in real life? The answer is clearly no, but he vamps until Hannigan says what he's really good at is "sandwich-making."

12:43 p.m.: A fan dressed as Dr. Horrible recites his own version of The Playbook about NPH's career and requests, "the highest of fives!" It's so creative and enthusiastic that Harris can't resist sprinting into the crowd (followed by several panicked security guards) to fulfill the request.

12:44 p.m.: Any more Robin and Barney dance numbers? NPH notes that they'll have a first dance at the wedding. He suggests there may be "some lifts," like in "Dirty Dancing." Bays promises exploding glitter cannons.

12:45 p.m.: Since Lily has a stealing problem, is there anything Hannigan wants to keep from the set? "I should get on that, shouldn't I?" She says last year, before the renewal deal was complete, the cast began eying the props. She's a fan of the little red phone booth from the apartment. Fans are now suggesting props like the Intervention banner and the blue french horn.

12:46 p.m.: A fan holding a blue horn asks if there are any songs they haven't been able to use yet that they hope to in the final season. The fans are trying to egg Segel and Harris into singing "Confrontation," but instead Radnor notes that they tried to use the theme to "Rocky" in an episode but couldn't get the rights. Hannigan encourages Segel to sing one of the songs he writes; he's not interested, but agrees to sing a song from the Dracula musical from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." He says he didn't write it for the movie, but three years before, "with no sense of irony, think I was going to do a Dracula musical that was going to save my dying career. Guess it kind of did."

12:48 p.m.: A fan tries to connect Segel's characters in "SLC Punk" and "HIMYM" based on their shared love of the environment. He jokes that CBS and the studio "were big fans of 'SLC Punk'!" Hannigan mocks Segel's attempts to claim he cares about the environment. She says they made a deal after the pilot to all get Priuses after the show ran three seasons. "We all got Priuses, except Jason! He got a Hummer!" Segel tries to defend himself, calls his costars "buncha jackasses," insists he's riding around on a Vespa, "Not just for the environment but for the ladies." Hannigan says he's too big for the Vespa.

12:52 p.m.: Last question comes from a fan who thanks them for teaching him "how to be a bro." NPH is less excited about this idea than fan might have hoped. Fan asks how much the cast gets to contribute to the songs on the show. Bays says it varies from song to song, and suddenly Segel is leading 2000 people in a singaong of the "Bangity-Bang" song, which he wrote the melody for.

12:54 p.m.: Bays brings up "You Just Got Slapped," and promises a new version being performed "by someone really awesome, and we can't say who."  Thomas says "motherfuckers" in an answer, and leads the cast to focus on how the ASL interpreter translates that.

12:55 p.m.: Another standing ovation for the cast. That was a very good panel: fun, and sweet, and actually made me more optimistic about the final season than I was going into it. Maybe they can make this work.

And here's the foul-mouthed kid video.

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