Credit: Yahoo

'Community' writers go behind-the-scenes on the Yahoo season

A video look at the new look of Greendale

The ever-elastic "Community" is doing a solid job of adjusting to its new surroundings over at Yahoo Screen, and to the introduction of Paget Brewster and Keith David as the newest faces around the study room table. (Here are my reviews of the season so far; new episodes go live at midnight Pacific every Monday night/Tuesday morning.) You can see the creative team playing around with length (this week's episode clocked in at close to 31 minutes, and all have been significantly longer than the NBC episodes), and with new character combinations (it's been fun watching David's Elroy react to Britta in all her Britta-ness, for instance), and if it doesn't feel quite like previous seasons, each season never really felt like the one before it to begin with.

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<p>Jon Hamm in Mad Men</p>

Jon Hamm in Mad Men

Credit: AMC

'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm looks back: 'It was a long, strange trip'

Thoughts on Peggy, Don's style, his taste in women and a lot more

Jon Hamm never wrote for "Mad Men," and he only directed two episodes of the show (declining a chance to get behind the camera again for this final season, for reasons he explains below). But he has inhabited the role of Don Draper for so long, and paid so much attention to the great work being done by everyone in front of and behind the camera on the show, that he can be as talkative and thoughtful on the subject as anyone this side of Matthew Weiner himself.

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Credit: FX

Review: 'Justified' - 'Fugitive Number One': Crime doesn't pay

Ava's in the wind, Art takes charge, and Mikey stands up for Wynn

A review of tonight's "Justified" coming up just as soon as you step away from the dirty cop...

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<p>Cougar Town</p>

Cougar Town

Credit: TBS

Series finale review: 'Cougar Town' - 'Mary Jane's Last Dance': Sunshine state

It's Jules' birthday, so why is everyone bringing her bad news?

A quick review of the "Cougar Town" series finale coming up just as soon as I find a science-y way for you to live in my blood...

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<p>Agents of SHIELD</p>

Agents of SHIELD

Credit: ABC

Review: 'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' - 'One Door Closes': Home invasion

Real SHIELD makes a move on Coulson's base, while Skye meets another Inhuman

A review of tonight's "Agents of SHIELD" coming up just as soon as you make me watch "Paranormal Activity"...

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<p>Mark Hamill as the Trickster in The Flash</p>

Mark Hamill as the Trickster in The Flash

Credit: CW

Review: 'The Flash' - 'Tricksters': I am your father, Barry!

Mark Hamill reprises his '90s 'Flash' role, and we get to know Eobard Thawne

A quick review of tonight's "The Flash" coming up just as soon as this is my "Breaking Bad" season 5...

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<p>The Americans</p>

The Americans

Credit: FX

FX renews 'The Americans' for season 4

Low ratings and lack of Emmy love don't matter for one of TV's best dramas

Great news, comrades: FX has renewed "The Americans" — aka one of the very best shows in all of television — for a fourth season.

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<p>New Girl</p>

New Girl

Credit: FOX

FOX renews 'New Girl' for fifth season

FOX has renewed "New Girl" for a fifth season.

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<p>Sutton Foster in Younger</p>

Sutton Foster in Younger

Credit: TV Land

Review: Sutton Foster plays 'Younger' for TV Land

If you love the 'Bunheads' star, avoid the first episode at all costs

"Younger" debuts tonight at 10 on TV Land with back-to-back episodes. It's created by Darren Star (the man behind "Melrose Place" and the first season of "Sex and the City") and stars Sutton Foster from "Bunheads" as a 40-year-old divorced mom struggling to return to the workforce after years away. When every potential employer dismisses her as being too old for an entry-level position, a friend (Debi Mazar, who has very little to do) convinces her she could pass for 26, and one makeover later, she's working as assistant to publishing executive Miriam Shor, and becoming besties with young editor Hilary Duff.

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Credit: Yahoo

Review: 'Community' - 'Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing': Wax on, wax off!

Dean Pelton comes out, Chang plays Miyagi, and Abed and Elroy protect a bird nest

A review of this week's "Community" coming up just as soon as I do a baby bird monologue...

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