<p>Battle Creek</p>

Battle Creek

Credit: CBS

Series premiere talkback: 'Battle Creek'

What did everybody think of the Vince Gilligan-created cop show?

I published my review of CBS' "Battle Creek" on Friday. Now it's your turn. For those of you who tuned in tonight, what did you think? Did the pilot — whose script went largely unchanged from the version Vince Gilligan wrote a dozen years ago — feel like the work of the man who created "Breaking Bad," and/or who wrote some of the best "X-Files" episodes ever? Did you enjoy the rivalry between Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel? Did you want more from all the second and third banana Battle Creek cops? And will you watch again?

Have at it. For what it's worth, the voice of the show doesn't change radically in the other episodes, even though David Shore is running things while Gilligan is otherwise occupied with "Better Call Saul," and there's also the sort of improvement you like to see in a new show as the creative team gets used to the actors and the characters and figures out their strengths and weaknesses.

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<p>The Walking Dead</p>

The Walking Dead

Credit: AMC

Review: 'The Walking Dead' - 'Remember': Carry on, Constable

Rick and the group adjust to the comforts of life in Alexandria

A review of tonight's "The Walking Dead" coming up just as soon as I get involved in the Junior League...

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<p>Last Man on Earth</p>

Last Man on Earth

Credit: FOX

Series premiere talkback: 'The Last Man on Earth'

What did everybody think of Will Forte's new FOX comedy?

Fienberg reviewed FOX's "Last Man On Earth," which I also liked a lot for many of the reasons Dan stated, and particularly the level of visual imagination on display from both Will Forte's script and Miller and Lord's direction and the way so much of it feels like a silent movie.

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Credit: HBO

Review: 'Girls' - 'Ask Me My Name': I'm a substitute for another guy

Hannah adjusts to her teaching job, and gets to know Mimi-Rose

A quick review of tonight's "Girls" coming up just as soon as my shirt suggests I've killed my kids...

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<p>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</p>

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'Boyle-Linetti Wedding'

Jake and Amy team up on the day Charles and Gina's parents get married

A quick review of tonight's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as toilet emoji...

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<p>Leonard Nimoy as Spock on Star Trek</p>

Leonard Nimoy as Spock on Star Trek

Credit: NBC

Only logical to view Leonard Nimoy's Spock as 'Star Trek's most important creation

The half-Vulcan, half-human science officer defined so much of what made the franchise special

In the climax of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan," James T. Kirk discovers that his old friend Spock is about to die, having exposed himself to lethal doses of radiation in order to save the Enterprise and all others aboard it.

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<p>Brandon Routh as the Atom</p>

Brandon Routh as the Atom

Credit: CW

CW developing 'Arrow'/'Flash' spin-off with Brandon Routh, Victor Garber & Wentworth Miller

Back at press tour, the producers of the CW's superhero dramas "Arrow" and "The Flash" said they were in very early discussions about whether to develop another spin-off starring Brandon Routh as the Atom. Yesterday, news broke suggesting those discussions have become both more advanced and complex.

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<p>Battle Creek</p>

Battle Creek

Credit: CBS

Review: CBS' 'Battle Creek' no 'Breaking Bad 2: Electric Boogaloo,' but that's okay

Vince Gilligan created it, but 'House' boss David Shore is running it

CBS' promos for its new cop drama "Battle Creek" (Sunday at 10 p.m.) present it as a team up between "Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan and "House" creator David Shore. This is only partially accurate.

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<p>House of Cards</p>

House of Cards

Credit: Netflix

Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 269: 'House of Cards,' 'Last Man on Earth' & more

Dan and Alan also review 'Battle Creek' and 'Secrets & Lies'


Happy Thursday, boys and girls! We devoted all of yesterday's Firewall & Iceberg Podcast to the "Parks and Recreation" finale, and with a bunch of notable shows premiering at the end of this week, we Skyped up again for a bonus installment to discuss what we really liked ("Last Man on Earth"), what we really didn't ("House of Cards," "Secrets & Lies") and things in between ("Battle Creek"). Enjoy.

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<p>The Americans</p>

The Americans

Credit: FX

Review: 'The Americans' - 'Salang Pass': Just a gigolo?

Philip gets closer to the babysitter, Stan makes Oleg an offer, and Paige gets a new dress

A quick review of tonight's "The Americans" coming up just as soon as we combine the Jiffy Pop and Rocky Road...

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