<p>Jane the Virgin</p>

Jane the Virgin

Credit: CW

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 252

Dan and Alan also break down recent 'Parenthood,' 'The Walking Dead' & 'Boardwalk Empire'


Happy Columbus Day, boys and girls! For travel-related reasons, we moved the Firewall & Iceberg Podcast up a day this week, in which we talk for a while about a pilot we both like but maybe don't intend to watch as a series for long, a pilot we didn't like at all but have hopes for the show as a whole, plus some recent drama episodes. Also, we talk for a very long time about hair. I'm sorry. It's all my fault. 

The rundown:

"Jane the Virgin" (00:00:55 - 00:13:30)
"Marry Me" (00:13:30 - 00:21:50)
Listener Mail: FOX's fall struggles (00:22:20 - 00:31:20)
Listener Mail: Haircut-based TV declines (00:31:25 - 00:41:55)
"Parenthood" (00:42:00 - 00:53:00)
"The Walking Dead" (00:53:10 - 01:08:00)
"Boardwalk Empire" (01:08:00 - 01:28:00)

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There's also now a complete archive of all the podcasts to date.

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<p>The Good Wife</p>

The Good Wife

Credit: CBS

Review: 'The Good Wife' - 'Oppo Research'

Alicia finds out the downside of running for office

A review of last night's "The Good Wife" coming up just as soon as we go without ordering or paying...

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<p>The Affair</p>

The Affair

Credit: Showtime

Series premiere talkback: 'The Affair'

What did everybody think of Dominic West and Ruth Wilson in Showtime's new drama?

I posted my review of Showtime's "The Affair" a few days ago (along with an interview with Sarah Treem). Now it's your turn. For those who tuned in tonight — or watched the pilot on YouTube or On Demand earlier — what did you think? Can you forgive Dominic West for cheating on Maura Tierney, or Ruth Wilson for cheating on Joshua Jackson? Did you find one perspective more interesting — or more "real" — than the other? Did you get tired of seeing some of the same scenes twice, or were the differences interesting enough? How did you feel about the prank Noah's son pulls, especially coming so soon before the incident at the restaurant with his daughter? If you're a "Wire" fan, did you laugh at John Doman again scolding Dominic West? And will you watch again?

Have at it.

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<p>Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead</p>

Andrew Lincoln in The Walking Dead

Credit: AMC

Season premiere review: 'The Walking Dead' - 'No Sanctuary'

It's wall-to-wall zombie action at Terminus

"The Walking Dead" is back for its fifth season — and has already been renewed for a sixth. My review of the premiere coming up just as soon as I provide you step by step instructions, complete with illustrations and a well-composed FAQ...

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<p>Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Narcisse in Boardwalk Empire</p>

Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Narcisse in Boardwalk Empire

Credit: HBO

Review: 'Boardwalk Empire' - 'Devil You Know'

It's all in one night as Chalky waits for Narcisse, while Eli and Nelson try to sting Capone

A review of tonight's "Boardwalk Empire" coming up just as soon as the room is as occupied as a room can get...

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<p>Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland</p>

Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland

Credit: Showtime

Review: 'Homeland' - 'Shalwar Kameez'

Is a Quinn/Carrie romance in the cards? And is it in any way a good idea?

A few thoughts on tonight's "Homeland" coming up just as soon as I bring doughnuts...

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<p>Chelsea Peretti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine</p>

Chelsea Peretti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'Jimmy Jab Games'

The squad does its own version of 'Office Olympics'

A quick review of tonight's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as I draw the wrong lessons from the fall of Addis Ababa...

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<p>The Affair</p>

The Affair

Credit: Showtime

'The Affair' co-creator Sarah Treem: 'We wanted to tell a story about two good people'

Why would Dominic West cheat on Maura Tierney? How will the 'Rashomon' structure work?

The premise of Showtime’s “The Affair” — in which Dominic West and Ruth Wilson get together, cheating on, respectively, Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson — didn’t much interest me when I heard about it, even when those actors were involved. Then I heard that Sarah Treem was one of the creators and the lead writer, and my tune started to change.

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<p>Anna Martemucci in The Chair</p>

Anna Martemucci in The Chair

Credit: Starz

HitFix First Look: 'The Chair' provides 2 takes on 1 scene

The filmmaking reality series has turned out to be a real pleasure

With an overwhelming number of interesting scripted TV shows to choose from, I make almost no time for reality television anymore. The one exception of late has been Starz's "The Chair," which follows two directors — YouTube comedy star Shane Dawson and New York indie screenwriter Anna Martemucci — as they each attempt to make their first film, using the same script.

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Credit: NBC

Review: 'Parenthood' - 'The Waiting Room'

Everyone waits through Zeek's surgery, while Amber visits Ryan

A quick review of last night's "Parenthood" coming up just as soon as I take you into the bad news room...

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