Credit: FX

How ‘Louie’ got a shorter season because Louis C.K. got high

Highlights from C.K. and Pamela Adlon's Emmy FYC panel

The network TV season ended last week, which means we're diving deep into Emmy campaigning season. The official Emmy ballot gets sent to TV Academy members in early June, and in the meantime, networks and studios are doing their best to put on good faces for potential voters, sometimes with elaborate screener packages, sometimes with For Your Consideration panels featuring the creators and stars of their shows.

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Review: David Duchovny chases Charles Manson in NBC's underwhelming 'Aquarius'

NBC will make all episodes of 1967 cop drama available to binge, but the show's not designed for it

In "Aquarius," David Duchovny plays an LA cop in 1967 with old-school hair and old-school values. Asked to find a teenage girl who has vanished into the city's hippie underbelly, he reluctantly teams with a shaggy-haired young cop with crazy new ideas about civil liberties and equality. Very quickly, then, the series sets itself up as an ideological  clash between the veteran and the rookie, even as they collaborate to find the girl and potentially put a charge on the charismatic guy named Charles Manson who has her under his sway.

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Credit: CW

Review: 'iZombie' - 'Astroburger': Devil inside?

Major gets closer to the truth, Liv has hallucinations, and Johnny Frost returns

A quick review of tonight's "iZombie" coming up just as soon as I decide which poison to give you...

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Credit: Lifetime

Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 286: 'Aquarius,' 'Halt and Catch Fire,' 'UnReal' & more

Dan and Alan discuss 'Mad Men' Emmy chances and announce this summer's podcast rewind project


Happy Tuesday, boys and girls! We're ready for the summer with a new Firewall & Iceberg Podcast that discusses a trio of summer premieres (two new shows, one returning), answers a leftover piece of "Mad Men" business, and introduces this summer's podcast rewatch. 

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Credit: Yahoo

Review: 'Community' - 'Wedding Videography': Marital crisis alert!

The gang is on their best, and worst, behavior at Garrett's wedding

A quick review of this week's "Community" — which you can watch on Yahoo Screen — coming up just as soon as I'm here for the Such...

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<p>The Sopranos</p>

The Sopranos

Credit: HBO

Are you ready for the summer? (2015 edition)

Tuck into some bleeping ziti as we revisit 'The Sopranos' season 1

We're now past both the end of the broadcast network TV season and Memorial Day, so while the calendar might insist that summer is nearly a month away, the summer TV season is absolutely here. Dan and I have already run through some of the new and returning summer shows we're most interested in, and now it's time for me to tell you the classic TV season we'll be revisiting on the blog this summer. (That is, if the picture on this post hasn't already given it away.)

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<p>BoJack Horseman, Hannibal and Married</p>

BoJack Horseman, Hannibal and Married

Credit: Netflix/FX/NBC

'True Detective,' 'Orange Is the New Black' & more: Summer TV's best returning shows

Cannibals, sex researchers and reviewers of life are all coming back over the next few months

Dan and I have already broken down some of the new summer shows that most intrigue us, but if I'm being honest, the big summer action seems to be on the side of the returning shows.

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<p>Jonathan Pryce in Game of Thrones</p>

Jonathan Pryce in Game of Thrones

Credit: HBO

Review: 'Game of Thrones' - 'The Gift': I am the Egg man

Sansa pleads with Theon, Tyrion gets closer to Daenerys, and the Sparrow makes his move

A review of tonight's "Game of Thrones" coming up just as soon as I've dreamed I was old...

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<p>Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, sex&amp;drugs&amp;rock&amp;roll, and Mr. Robinson</p>

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, sex&drugs&rock&roll, and Mr. Robinson

Credit: Netflix/FX/NBC

'Wet Hot American Summer,' 'Ballers' & more: Summer TV's most intriguing new shows

Which newcomers will you be checking out?

The broadcast network TV season officially ended on Wednesday night at 11 p.m. As always, there will be some stragglers still finishing up their seasons (the CW's "iZombie" still has three episodes to go, for instance), but we are essentially entering into the summer TV season. And that season is busier than it's ever been, as the broadcast networks keep trying to reclaim the territory they years ago ceded to cable, cable channels taking advantage of the reduced broadcast competition to unveil some of their biggest and best stuff, and Netflix continuing to release whole seasons of interesting shows every 3-5 days or so.

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<p>Good Wife</p>

Good Wife

Credit: CBS

Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 285: Season finales & 'Game of Thrones' controversy

Dan and Alan discuss how 'Good Wife,' 'Flash,' 'Jane the Virgin' & others wrapped their seasons


Happy Friday, boys and girls! As promised, here's this week's bonus Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, focused mainly on season finales, but also with discussion of all the furor surrounding the latest "Game of Thrones" episode. 

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