<p>Doctor Who</p>

Doctor Who

Credit: BBC

Review: 'Doctor Who' is 'Hell Bent' on saying goodbye to a great character

One of the show's best modern seasons has a smart, moving finish

A few thoughts on tonight's "Doctor Who" season finale — and on this season as a whole — coming up just as soon as we have lunch followed by breakfast...

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Ask Alan: NBC's Mt. Rushmore, Netflix slogs, and the genius of 'The Leftovers'

Ask Alan: NBC's Mt. Rushmore, Netflix slogs, and the genius of 'The Leftovers'

Where does this season stack up with the great HBO shows of the past?

Happy Friday! In this week's installment of Ask Alan, I try to tackle the impossible question of selecting four shows for NBC's scripted Mt. Rushmore, talk a bit more about my defense of the episode column and why some Netflix shows are slogs, try to put this season of "The Leftovers" into a historical context, and throw in one or two shameless plugs for a certain book that is on back order at Amazon but available again very very soon.

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<p>Melvin Williams as Deacon Melvin on The Wire</p>

Melvin Williams as Deacon Melvin on The Wire

Credit: HBO

Melvin Williams, who helped inspire Avon Barksdale & 'The Wire' itself, has died

Melvin Williams, the former West Baltimore drug kingpin who helped inspire both the character of Avon Barksdale on "The Wire" and the creative partnership that led to the series, and who later had a recurring role on the show, died this morning at 73, according to the Baltimore Sun.

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Credit: Hulu

Hulu's 'Casual' season 1 in review

Great performances from Michaela Watkins and Tommy Dewey

Before "Casual" debuted a couple of months ago, Hulu very smartly made the entire season available to critics, and I watched all 10 episodes of the Michaela Watkins-fronted dramedy within the space of a couple of days. This was a very good thing, because had only 2 or 3 been available, I might have noted the strong command of tone and Watkins' excellent, extremely natural performance in the lead role, but dismissed it overall because certain other aspects — particularly Alex (Tommy Dewey), the brother of Watkins' Val, seemed a collection of TV manchild tics — were bothering me. But with all 10 there, the short length of each episode, and the quality of Watkins' performance were enough to keep me going long enough for the series to better contextualize Alex and everyone else, and made me realize that not only was "Casual" terrific, but that it was ironically better-suited for binge viewing while debuting on the one major streaming service that releases its shows weekly.

So when I wrote my initial review of the series, I suggested that people might be better off waiting until the finale debuted in early December. Well, that happened yesterday, and now I have a few more specific and spoiler-filled thoughts on the season as a whole, coming up just as soon as I befriend the stripper you hired for me...

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<p>You&#39;re the Worst</p>

You're the Worst

Credit: FX

Review: 'You're the Worst' - 'Other Things You Could Be Doing': Stay?

Jimmy has to choose between a spiraling Gretchen and an appealing Nina in a funny, emotional episode

A review of tonight's "You're the Worst" which FXX just renewed for a third season — coming up just as soon as you tell me if I'm going to be an aunt or an uncle...

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Credit: CW

Review: 'Arrow' - 'Legends of Yesterday': Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and baby mama drama

The crossover with 'The Flash' concludes with time travel and fire

A few quick thoughts on tonight's "Arrow" coming up just as soon as I figure out a way to play this Betamax tape...

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<p>The Grinder</p>

The Grinder

Credit: FOX

Review: Why 'The Grinder' was smart to embrace its showbiz side

Jason Alexander and Tim Olyphant were treats in a two-parter about Dean's old show

"The Grinder" has really come together nicely in recent weeks. Some quick thoughts on last night's episode, and the season to date, coming up just as soon as you give us the room...

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<p>The Flash and Arrow</p>

The Flash and Arrow

Credit: CW

Review: 'The Flash' - 'Legends of Today': Enter Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Another team-up with 'Arrow' sets up some of the players for 'Legends of Tomorrow'

A quick review of tonight's "The Flash" coming up just as soon as my conditioner game is on point...

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<p>Mad Men and Breaking Bad</p>

Mad Men and Breaking Bad

Credit: AMC

'The Revolution Was Televised,' but does the revolution continue with current TV?

Will we one day look back on recent dramas the way we think of 'Breaking Bad' or 'Mad Men'?

Today, the new, updated edition of "The Revolution Was Televised" — my book about 12 drama series that helped create and define this new Golden Age of television in which we're currently living — went on sale in physical and digital bookstores around the world, including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Credit: FX

Review: 'Fargo' - 'Loplop': Positive Peggy learns to see it, then be it

We catch up on what Peggy, Ed, Dodd, and Hanzee have been up to since last we saw them

A review of tonight's "Fargo" coming up just as soon as I show you which part's the flank steak...

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