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<p>You&#39;re the Worst</p>

You're the Worst

Credit: FX

Let's talk about that hilarious 'You're the Worst' season 2 premiere

Gretchen and Jimmy struggle with living together, while Lindsay tries to reconnect with Paul

"You're the Worst" just aired its second season premiere on FXX. Earlier this week, I posted interviews with creator Stephen Falk and stars Aya Cash and Chris Geere, and I have a few spoiler-y thoughts on the season premiere coming up just as soon as I steal a DVD kiosk...

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<p>Key &amp; Peele</p>

Key & Peele

Credit: Comedy Central

Review: 'Key & Peele' says goodbye with 'Negrotown'

The sketch comedy classic goes out with a bang

A few thoughts on the end of "Key & Peele" — both the finale that just finished airing and the series as a whole — coming up just as soon as I dial 911...

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Credit: 20th Century Fox

Firewall & Iceberg, Episode 299: 'The Bastard Executioner,' Colbert & more

Dan and Alan also review 'You're the Worst,' 'The Mindy Project,' and the 'MASH' & 'Mr. Robot' finales

Happy Wednesday, boys and girls! The holiday and a desire to discuss Stephen Colbert's debut pushed this week's Firewall & Iceberg Podcast back a day, but here it is. In addition to "Late Show," we review "You're the Worst," "The Bastard Executioner," and "The Mindy Project," revisit the "Mr. Robot" finale, and conclude our summer finale rewatch series with the most-watched finale of them all: "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" from "M*A*S*H."

The rundown:

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" premiere (00:03:20 - 00:11:25)
"You're the Worst" (00:11:25 - 00:20:40)
"The Mindy Project" (00:20:45 - 00:28:50)
"The Bastard Executioner" (00:28:50 - 00:43:05)
"Mr. Robot" finale (00:43:05 - 01:02:00)
"MASH" finale (01:02:00 - 01:17:30)

As always, send questions to firewalliceberg@hitfix.com. You can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file, subscribe on IHeartRadio or stream it on Dan's blog.

There's also now a complete archive of all the podcasts to date.

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<p>Aya Cash and Chris Geere in You&#39;re the Worst</p>

Aya Cash and Chris Geere in You're the Worst

Credit: FXX

'You're the Worst' stars would stay with their great show 'until the end of time'

Aya Cash and Chris Geere look back on season 1 and ahead to the FXX sitcom's new season

"You're the Worst," the great romantic comedy about two awful people struggling to accept that they have real feelings for each other, returns for a new season, on a new channel (so you will probably have to make new DVR season passes), tonight at 10:30 on FXX.

Yesterday, I spoke with the show's creator, Stephen Falk, about what makes "You're the Worst" tick. Today, it's the turn of stars Aya Cash and Chris Geere, who have their own takes on Gretchen and Jimmy's relationship, the explicit sex scenes of the pilot (and why they're relieved that didn't continue), Jimmy's fake mustache, and a lot more. 

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<p>Stephen Colbert</p>

Stephen Colbert

Credit: CBS

Review: Stephen Colbert tries to make his 'Late Show' seem new in debut

In the same old format, and without 'Stephen Colbert,' how did he do?

At the TCA panel to discuss his new job as host of "Late Show," Stephen Colbert didn't want to go into specific details about his plans for the show. At one point, I asked him directly if he was planning to use the same format — monologue, desk piece, guest, guest, musical guest, goodbye — that had been the familiar structure of the genre practically going back to its origins in the 1950s.

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<p>The Sopranos</p>

The Sopranos

Credit: HBO

Tony settles all Family business as 'The Sopranos' season 1 ends spectacularly

Tony tries to settle all Family business in one of TV's all-time greatest season finales

Welcome to the final installment of our summer trip through "The Sopranos" season 1. When I revisited early seasons of "The Wire," as well as the whole run of "Deadwood," I did separate versions of each review for newcomers and veterans, but over time realized that the newcomers weren't commenting much, if at all, and that it therefore made sense to simply do one review. Any significant spoilers for episodes beyond the one being reviewed will be contained in a separate section at the end of the review; so long as you avoid that, and the comments, you should be fine.

Thoughts on the season finale, “I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano," coming up just as soon as I remind you that I'm not a big Renee Zellweger fan...

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<p>Jane the Virgin, Empire, Project Greenlight</p>

Jane the Virgin, Empire, Project Greenlight

Credit: CW/FOX/HBO

'Fargo,' 'Transparent,' 'The Leftovers' & more: 12 great returning fall shows

Some of last year's best shows are making long-awaited returns

Yesterday, I gave you a dozen new shows I have some degree of hope for this fall. Given how many of them I haven't actually seen yet, a lot of that was just guesswork based on premise, pedigree, network, etc.

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<p>You&#39;re the Worst</p>

You're the Worst

Credit: FXX

How 'You're the Worst' remains a great romance about two awful people

Talking with creator Stephen Falk as the FXX comedy prepares for season 2 premiere

Over the course of its first season, "You're the Worst" — a romantic comedy about two terrible human beings (played by Chris Geere and Aya Cash) who would vomit at the thought that they are the hero and heroine of a romantic comedy — went from a show I felt pretty ambivalent about to one of my favorite shows on TV.  It's been nearly a year since the last original episode aired on FX, in part because the show has moved over to the younger-skewing FXX channel(*), but based on the new season's first two episodes (it premieres tomorrow night at 10:30), the wait was worth it.

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Credit: FX

Looking back on the brilliant-but-canceled 'Terriers' five years later

Looking back on the brilliant-but-canceled FX private eye drama

Five years ago tonight, FX gave us "Terriers," a wonderful show with a terrible name and and a frustrating difficulty at breaking through the clutter even in the years before we hit Peak TV in America: there was no real way to sell it except to tell people they had to watch it. Every aspect of the show sounded done to death: detective show, buddy show, one's a recovering alcoholic, one's a reformed thief, they don't get no respect, blah blah blah blah blah.

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<p>Kermit the Frog, Stephen Colbert, and Supergirl</p>

Kermit the Frog, Stephen Colbert, and Supergirl

Credit: ABC/CW

Here are a dozen new TV shows you might want to add to your DVR this fall

Not much to get excited about on the networks, but thank goodness for cable and streaming options

In the strange new world that is Peak TV in America, the idea of getting excited about the start of the fall TV season feels on one level silly and antiquated. In a year when there will be over 400 original scripted shows in primetime, and so many terrific new shows have already debuted that I cringe just thinking about winnowing them down to a Top 10 list in December, what's the big deal about fall premieres?

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