<p>Ted Danson in The Good Place</p>

Ted Danson in The Good Place

Credit: NBC

Here are some of the deeds you can do to get into 'The Good Place'

My review of The Good Place two-part series premiere is live on my blog, but I also wanted to spotlight one aspect of the pilot that I imagine a lot of viewers will be obsessing over.

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<p>Lethal Weapon</p>

Lethal Weapon

Credit: FOX

Review: FOX's 'Lethal Weapon' a harmless action hero reboot

Clayne Crawford's good, but doesn't get to be dangerous often enough

There's a running gag in the second episode of FOX's Lethal Weapon series where the cops who work with LAPD detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh can't decide on a joint nickname for them. Are they peaches and cream? Crockett and Tubbs? Starsky and Hutch? (The problem with that one is that both men insist on being Starsky.)

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<p>Dennis Franz and Jimmy Smits staged an NYPD Blue reunion at the Emmys</p>

Dennis Franz and Jimmy Smits staged an NYPD Blue reunion at the Emmys

Credit: ABC

'Game of Thrones' & 'Veep' repeated, yet this was a surprising Emmy night

Louie Anderson! Tatiana Maslany! SIPOWICZ AND SIMONE?!?!?!

Sipowicz and Simone, together again!

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<p>Kristen Bell and Ted Danson in The Good Place</p>

Kristen Bell and Ted Danson in The Good Place

Credit: NBC

Review: Is 'The Good Place' a heavenly new comedy for Kristen Bell & Ted Danson?

A metaphysical series from 'Parks and Recreaction' boss Michael Schur

Michael Schur's choice of TV subjects started out very small, growing over time until his latest show is about life, the universe, and everything.

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Ask Alan: Which new fall show would be safer on Netflix?

Ask Alan: Which new fall show would be safer on Netflix?

Shows with great closing credits theme songs, sober characters who never fell off the wagon, and more

Happy Friday, everybody! Time for another installment of Ask Alan, where I discuss great songs that air every episode over a show's closing credits, pick the new fall show I would most rather see transplanted to Netflix for its own safety, try to identify recovering alcoholic characters who stayed sober for the run of the show, and pick the most socially significant disabled character in TV history.

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Credit: FX

Love (and TV criticism) in the time of Peak TV in America

Or, how can any one writer handle the flood of new shows coming your way?

WARNING: This entire post will be very inside baseball as I talk you through the process of how I'll be choosing what to write about, and how often, as the fall TV season begins. If you don't care and just want to get opinions on stuff, come back later today for Ask Alan and, hopefully, a review of The Good Place.

The 2016-17 TV season officially begins on Monday, with the return of big hits like The Big Bang Theory and The Voice, as well as the debuts of high-profile new series like CBS' Kevin Can Wait with Kevin James and NBC's The Good Place with Kristen Bell and Ted Danson.

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Credit: Amazon

Review: Amazon's 'Fleabag' a terrific mix of raunchy comedy and painful drama

Phoebe Waller-Bridge's UK series is a great addition to the Amazon library

Before it became a six-episode UK comedy series, Fleabag was a play, and you can still see that theatrical DNA in the series, which debuts on Amazon tomorrow. The unnamed title character, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (who wrote both the play and the series), frequently looks away from the action to tell us how she feels about it, and the story — a mix of romantic travails, family tension, and a bit of concern about the fate of the guinea pig-themed cafe Fleabag owns — is so very small that it's easy to imagine it being confined to a stage.

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Credit: Sundance

Exclusive: 'Rectify' final season key art finds Daniel looking to break out

Sundance's Rectify is one of the very best dramas of this era, and could go down as an all-timer once we have a little distance from it. Here are some basics on the show and why you should catch up on Netflix before the final season begins.

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<p>Portia Doubleday in Mr. Robot</p>

Portia Doubleday in Mr. Robot

Credit: USA

Review: 'Mr. Robot' leaves lots of mysteries to be resolved in next week's finale

Lots of teases, little concrete information in 'Python Pt. 1'

A review of tonight's Mr. Robot coming up just as soon as my favorite color is infrared...

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<p>you&#39;re the worst</p>

you're the worst

Credit: FXX

Review: 'You're the Worst' throws another party with 'Bad News: Dude's Dead'

Gretchen struggles to break bad news to Jimmy

A quick review of tonight's You're the Worst coming up just as soon as I Zumba while I binge-watch Justified...

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