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Credit: Showtime

Review: 'Homeland' - '13 Hours in Islamabad'

A tense, thrilling follow-up to the embassy invasion cliffhanger

A quick review of last night's "Homeland" coming up just as soon as you get me my belt...

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<p>The Trickster</p>

The Trickster

Credit: DC Entertainment

Exclusive: Mark Hamill to play the Trickster again on 'The Flash'

'Star Wars' star will reprise role from '90s CBS 'Flash' series

"The Flash" is staging another homage to the '90s "Flash" series, bringing back Mark Hamill to reprise his role as James Jesse, aka Flash villain the Trickster.

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<p>The Affair</p>

The Affair

Credit: Showtime

Review: 'The Affair' - 'Episode 8'

The action shifts into winter, and Noah and Alison reconnect over tragedy

A review of tonight's "The Affair" coming up just as soon as I send my daughter's French clothes to the dry cleaners...

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<p>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</p>

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'The Pontiac Bandit Returns'

Craig Robinson returns to torment Jake, while Santiago makes Holt a scrapbook

A quick review of tonight's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as I realize that my time is worth nothing...

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<p>Peter Pan</p>

Peter Pan

Credit: NBC

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 259

How did Allison Williams and Christopher Walken do? Plus 'Walking Dead' & 'Good Wife' thoughts


Happy Friday, boys and girls! We held this week's Firewall & Iceberg Podcast until today so Dan and I could discuss the epic, um, agreeability of NBC's "Peter Pan Live!," along with a few listener questions and a mid-season check-in on "The Walking Dead" and "The Good Wife." IMPORTANT NOTE, vis a vis the best TV beards discussion: even if you don't care about "The Good Wife," listen to the first minute or two of that segment for an unplanned coda to the beard talk.

The rundown:

"Peter Pan Live!" (00:00:45 - 00:21:30)
Listener Mail: "The Wire" in HD (00:21:45 - 00:30:00)
Listener Mail: Beards (00:30:00 - 00:36:25)
"The Good Wife" (00:36:30 - 00:50:25)
"The Walking Dead" (00:50:30 - 01:16:00)
As always, send questions to firewalliceberg@hitfix.com. You can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file, subscribe on IHeartRadio or stream it on Dan's blog.

There's also now a complete archive of all the podcasts to date.

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Ask Alan, Episode 2: Surprise show of 2014 & 'Six Feet Under'

Ask Alan, Episode 2: Surprise show of 2014 & 'Six Feet Under'

Where does the funeral drama fit in the HBO pantheon?

I already know the number one question that will arise from our second installment of Ask Alan, and the answer is: yes, I do own other t-shirts, but completely forgot which one I had worn in the first installment when I got dressed for work the other day. Now I'm torn between trying to shake things up, wardrobe-wise, or turning the Flash tee into a uniform going forward, like that Texas teacher who wore the same outfit to picture day for 40 years.

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TV Top 10 for 2014: 'The Leftovers,' 'The Americans' & more
Credit: Comedy Central/Netflix/HBO

TV Top 10 for 2014: 'The Leftovers,' 'The Americans' & more

The cream of the crop from another great year of television

When publishing last year's top 10 list, I referred to 2013 as "The Year of Too Much Good TV." 2014 looks at 2013, laughs and calls it a piker. Even with last year's clear top show "Breaking Bad" enjoying retirement, 2014 offered an insane amount of quality television. We got good shows that became great ("The Americans"). We get a veritable flood of fantastic new series, some in familiar places ("The Leftovers" on HBO), some not (Amazon's "Transparent"), some arriving with buckets of hype ("True Detective"), some sneaking up on me and everyone who watched them ("Review").

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<p>The Flash and the Arrow</p>

The Flash and the Arrow

Credit: CW

Review: 'Arrow' - 'The Brave and the Bold'

Barry, Caitlin and Cisco visit Starling City in part two of the crossover

A review of tonight's "Arrow" (part 2 of "The Flash" crossover) coming up just as soon as I call you "sweetie" because I want something...

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<p>Marvel&#39;s Agents of SHIELD</p>

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

Credit: ABC

Review: 'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' - 'Ye Who Enter Here'

Raina tells Skye about her father's plan, while Mac and Bobbi get into trouble under San Juan

A review of tonight's "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" coming up just as soon as I wish I was a hat guy...

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<p>Flash vs. Arrow</p>

Flash vs. Arrow

Credit: CW

Review: 'The Flash' - 'Flash vs. Arrow'

Barry goes up against Oliver in the fun first half of the CW superhero crossover

A review of part 1 of "The Flash" crossover with "Arrow" coming up just as soon as my shirt's on fire...

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