<p>Man Seeking Woman</p>

Man Seeking Woman

Credit: FXX

Review: FXX's 'Man Seeking Woman' an uneven flight of fancy

Jay Baruchel deals with trolls, soldiers and... Adolf Hitler?

I will say this for FXX's new comedy "Man Seeking Woman": It commits to a bit — for good and for ill.

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<p>Broad City</p>

Broad City

Credit: Comedy Central

Review: 'Broad City' mixes sex, slapstick and absurdist comedy in season 2

Another Comedy Central show that doesn't seem new in form, but really is in function

The remarkable thing about the  renaissance happening on Comedy Central — a channel on as hot a creative streak as anyone in the business at the moment — is that none of the shows that have been part of it have been all that revolutionary in form. You have a handful of sketch comedy shows ("Key & Peele," "Inside Amy Schumer," "Kroll Show"), a couple of reality show parodies ("Nathan For You," "Review"), and a single-camera sitcom in "Broad City," which returns for a second season tonight at 10:30.

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<p>Chris Pratt in Parks and Recreation</p>

Chris Pratt in Parks and Recreation

Credit: NBC

Season premiere review: 'Parks and Recreation' - '2017/Ron and Jammy'

Head to the future, where everyone has a new job and new problems

"Parks and Recreation" is back for its final season. I had some overall thoughts on the season this morning, and I have a review of tonight's two episodes coming up just as soon as I have 40 hand towels, some energy bars and a Chinese finger trap, so let's get gross...

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<p>12 Monkeys</p>

12 Monkeys

Credit: Syfy

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 264: 'Broad City,' 'Justified,' '12 Monkeys' & more

Dan and Alan also review 'Man Seeking Woman,' 'Backstrom' and the Golden Globes


Happy Tuesday, boys and girls! Time for our first in-person Firewall & Iceberg Podcast of 2015, as Dan and I got to sit opposite each other in my press tour hotel room and review a whole buncha stuff. Because Dan will be at Sundance immediately after tour ends, we decided to jump ahead to things like "Justified" and "Backstrom," as well as touching on several of this week's premieres, and looking back at the Golden Globes (and, within that, a brief discussion of Amazon's Woody Allen deal). 

Because I'm in town for a few more days, we will likely record a throwback video show later this week to share some press tour anecdotes and also to discuss "The Americans" and Pivot's impressive new thriller "Fortitude."

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Credit: Yahoo

'Community' stars and Dan Harmon on the move to Yahoo: Press Tour live-blog

Will we get a premiere date? And how does everyone feel about the reduced cast?

The dream of Six Seasons and a Movie is one step closer to fruition, thanks to Yahoo rescuing "Community" from cancellation, for a sixth season to debut sometime this year. Beyond knowing which castmembers won't be a part of the new season — Yvette Nicole Brown left for personal reasons, Jonathan Banks is now on "Better Call Saul," and of course Donald Glover and Chevy Chase have been gone a while, leaving only Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong and Oscar Winner Jim Rash — we don't have a whole lot of detail about the new season, including when it might debut on Yahoo Screen, whether Yahoo will try a Netflix all-at-once approach or release the episodes weekly, etc.

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<p>Woody Allen</p>

Woody Allen

Credit: AP

Woody Allen to create Amazon TV show

Oscar winner to write and direct all the episodes, skip the crowd-sourced pilot process

Woody Allen is coming back to television, signing a deal to create a series for Amazon Studios, where he will write and direct every episode.

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<p>Parks and Recreation</p>

Parks and Recreation

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Parks and Recreation' travels to the future for its fun final season

It's 2017, but Leslie, Ron, Andy and the rest are still the same wonderful people

The new season of "Parks and Recreation" (which debuts with back-to-back episodes tonight at 8 & 8:30 on NBC) takes place in the year 2017, and the veteran comedy has a lot of fun with throwaway jokes about what life in the near-future is like, from souped-up tablet computers to the changed state of popular culture. Mostly, though, the fictional presentation of 2017 looks not dissimilar to what I imagine our real version of that year will look like, with one unfortunate exception:

When we get to the year 2017, we won't be lucky enough to have new "Parks and Recreation" episodes to enjoy.

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<p>Kyle MacLachlan and David Nevins</p>

Kyle MacLachlan and David Nevins

Credit: Showtime

Damn good coffee! Kyle MacLachlan joins 'Twin Peaks' revival on Showtime

Lynch and Frost 'have been very specific about promising closure,' says Showtime boss

Agent Cooper is going to get out of the Black Lodge, as Kyle MacLachlan is now officially part of Showtime's "Twin Peaks" revival.

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<p>Stephen Colbert and David Letterman</p>

Stephen Colbert and David Letterman

Credit: CBS

'Late Show with Stephen Colbert' has a premiere date, but what will it look like?

Colbert and company have nine months to decide if they want to reinvent the wheel

CBS is giving Stephen Colbert a long time to get his version of "Late Show" on its feet, announcing that "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" won't debut until Tuesday, September 8 — almost nine months from now and nearly four months after David Letterman's final telecast.

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Your comprehensive guide to winter TV
Credit: AMC/HBO/Comedy Central

Your comprehensive guide to winter TV

Exciting new shows, great returning shows, a 'Girls' controversy history, and more

In TV, January has long been the new September, and is in some ways both busier (because the mid-season premieres take place at the same time as the winter TCA press tour) and more exciting (because some of TV's best shows, including "The Americans," "Broad City," "Parks and Recreation," "Justified," "Shameless" and "Girls," are all premiering this month). 

Fienberg and I know it's a lot of TV to keep track of — heck, this is our job, and we can't always keep up with all the shows these days — so the HitFix design team has put together a Winter TV hub featuring easy access to a lot of our recent reviews and previews, including our picks for the most anticipated new and returning TV shows (with premiere dates), predictions for which TV characters are in greatest danger of dying this winter, a look back at the extensive history of "Girls"-related controversies, and more. It's also a place where a lot of my Sunday night episode reviews will go, though of course you can find links to all of the shows that get regular coverage here.

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