<p>Bill Simmons</p>

Bill Simmons

Credit: HBO

Bill Simmons finds a new home at HBO after his ESPN divorce

The Sports Guy will host a talk show in 2016 and produce documentaries and other content

Bill Simmons is going to HBO.

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Credit: FX

Ah, geez: It's a new 'Fargo' season 2 trailer

FX just released the full-length trailer for "Fargo" season 2, a prequel to the first season starring Patrick Wilson as young Lou Solverson, investigating crime in late '70s Minnesota. This one puts the whole cast — including Ted Danson, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Jean Smart, Nick Offerman, Jeffrey Donovan, and many more — on display, and uses Dr. John's "Right Place Wrong Time" to help set the period mood.

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<p>The Muppets</p>

The Muppets

Credit: ABC

It's time to meet 'The Muppets' new mockumentary style for ABC sitcom

Most prospective TV shows need a full-length pilot episode to be considered for air. With Bill Prady and Bob Kushell's new take on "The Muppets," all ABC needed to see was this 10-minute proof-of-concept video, directed by Randall Einhorn, that takes Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy and friends out of their usual variety show format (though they still work out of the Muppet Theater) and instead puts them in the context of the faux documentary format popularized by "The Office," "Modern Family," "Parks and Rec," et al.

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<p>Orange Is the New Black</p>

Orange Is the New Black

Credit: Netflix

'Orange Is the New Black' season 3 in review

Litchfield goes private, Piper breaks bad over panties, and... a beach party?

Time to wrap up my coverage of "Orange Is the New Black" season 3 with thoughts on both episodes 11-13 and the season as a whole coming up just as soon as I rebuild my bones with butter...

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<p>You&#39;re the Worst</p>

You're the Worst

Credit: FXX

FXX sets fall premiere dates for 'The League' & 'You're the Worst'

FXX has announced fall premiere dates for the final season of "The League" and the second season of "You're the Worst."

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<p>Judd Apatow</p>

Judd Apatow

Credit: NBC

'Trainwreck' director Judd Apatow channels Bill Cosby on 'The Tonight Show'

"Trainwreck" director Judd Apatow has been a relentless critic of Bill Cosby's since the rape allegations resurfaced in the media. During a promotional appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," Apatow got to simultaneously return to his stand-up comedy roots while skewering The Cos with a cruel and reasonably accurate impression (and one that also calls back to the punchline from Eddie Murphy's Cosby routine from "Eddie Murphy Raw"). It comes at about the 2:35 minute mark of this clip, after he first jokes about his own modest level of fame and what it's like to live in a house with three women:

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<p>The Flash</p>

The Flash

Credit: CW

'The Flash' gets a costume upgrade for season 2

Warner Bros. showed off Oliver Queen's new "Arrow" suit at Comic-Con, but they decided to hold off on a good picture of Grant Gustin's season 2 "The Flash" costume until today.

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<p>True Detective</p>

True Detective

Credit: HBO

'True Detective' hits the reset button, but is it too late to matter?

The aftermath of the shootout gives the season a clean slate

A review of tonight's "True Detective" coming up just as soon as I take a micronap...

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<p>Masters of Sex</p>

Masters of Sex

Credit: Showtime

Review: 'Masters of Sex' - 'Three's a Crowd': To love, honor, and cherish

Bill suggests an unconventional solution to Virginia's problem, and the Shah of Iran pays a visit

A review of tonight's "Masters of Sex" coming up just as soon as I have an appointment with a travel agent...

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Credit: NBC

Review: 'Hannibal' - 'Digestivo': Pig pen

Alana and Margot try to rescue Will and Hannibal from Mason's sick plans

A review of tonight's "Hannibal" coming up just as soon as I erect some foster homes and torment some children...

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