<p>F is for Family</p>

F is for Family

Credit: Netflix

Review: Bill Burr goes back to the '70s for Netflix's 'F is for Family'

An animated throwback to the early '70s with a fantastic title sequence

It's not a knock on Netflix's "F is for Family" to say that its title sequence is far and away the best thing about it. The animated comedy, set in an unnamed Rust Belt city in 1973 where Frank Murphy (Bill Burr, who co-created the show with "Simpsons" vet Michael Price) works in the baggage handling department of a local airline, has a pretty dazzling one that tells you everything you need to know about its hero — his backstory, his frustration, and the main themes of the story — in a brisk 45 seconds.

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Credit: WGN

Why 'Manhattan' should continue past tonight's stunning finale

A great final image, but Sam Shaw has more story to tell

"Manhattan," WGN America's drama about the scientists, soldiers, and spouses involved in and around the Manhattan Project, is a great drama (one I happily placed on my 2015 TV honorable mentions list today) that not nearly enough people are watching. (Here's my review from the start of season 2 to give you some background on the show and broader thoughts on why it's so excellent, in case you don't want to be spoiled on what's coming.) 

Tonight's taut finale, about the famous Trinity test of the atomic bomb, ended in a way that had me wondering if perhaps the show's creator, Sam Shaw, had just chosen to wrap up the series. As it turns out, that wasn't his intention at all, though "Jupiter" — and particularly its haunting final sequence — would be one hell of a series finale. Shaw's plans for the series go well beyond that, and after hearing his pitch, I very much want to see what comes next. Spoilers and conversation coming up just as soon as I set the atmosphere on fire...

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TV Honorable Mentions of 2015: 'Broad City,' 'Mr. Robot,' 'Hannibal' & more
Credit: Netflix/NBC/AMC

TV Honorable Mentions of 2015: 'Broad City,' 'Mr. Robot,' 'Hannibal' & more

So much greatness even waaaaay outside the top 10

Last week, I published my top 10 list of shows that aired this year. It was a damn fine list. I'm happy with every single show that's on it. But I was also very frustrated at all the shows I had to leave off. In Peak TV — as with the current state of the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot — 10 just doesn't seem like enough spots to recognize all the deserved greatness.

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Credit: FX

Review: 'Fargo' sticks the season 2 landing with 'Palindrome'

Do Ed and Peggy live? Does Lou make it back to Betsy in time? And whither Hanzee?

A review of the "Fargo" season 2 finale coming up just as soon as I decree no more schnitzel or strudel...

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<p>Zahn McClarnon as Hanzee on Fargo</p>

Zahn McClarnon as Hanzee on Fargo

Credit: FX

How the 'Fargo' finale revealed a hidden secret from season 1

A big fat clue to where one character ended up

"Fargo" just concluded its second season with a finale (click here for my review) that made several overt references to characters and events from season 1, but also drew an obscure but ultimately unmistakable line from one character this year to someone from last year. If you don't want to know, don't click through, but if you want to find out how it's all connected, I'll tell you just as soon as I talk to Dale from HR...

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Credit: Amazon

'Transparent' creator: Streaming shows are 'inventing a new art form'

Breaking down the second season of the great Amazon dramedy

On Friday, Amazon released all 10 episodes of “Transparent” season 2. It’s wonderful, and was an easy choice for my 2015 top 10 list. I'm still working on a piece featuring mini-reviews of each episode (look for that in the next day or two), but in the meantime, here's an interview I did with the show's creator, Jill Soloway, discussing this season's flashback structure, how Soloway's increasing knowledge of trans issues — not only does she have a "Moppa" like Jeffrey Tambor's Maura in real life, but she added a trans writer to the staff this season —has shaped the show's coverage of the problems facing Maura, how she views a streaming season as a different artform from making a drama for cable, and a lot more. (There will, of course, be many spoilers in what we discuss.)

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<p>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</p>

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' gets a 'Die Hard' tribute for Christmas

Jake get a chance to live out his favorite movie

A review of tonight's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as I induce labor in goats... 

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Ask Alan: What was the best TV moment of 2015?
Credit: AMC

Ask Alan: What was the best TV moment of 2015?

Is 'crawled under the dumpster' the new 'jumped the shark'? And what are some of the great TV seasons?

Happy Friday, everybody! Time for another installment of Ask Alan — the last of 2015 (look for its return early in January) — in which I managed to squeeze four questions instead of the usual three, including some talk about the recent "Walking Dead" silliness, my favorite TV moment of the year (which was simultaneously a really hard choice and a very easy one), what show was the toughest omission from my book (which Amazon has back in stock!), and, inspired by my "Leftovers" finale review (written before the show got renewed), what are some other all-time classic TV seasons.

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<p>The Leftovers</p>

The Leftovers

Credit: HBO

It's a Miracle: HBO renews 'The Leftovers' for third and final season

Against all odds, the best show on television won't depart just yet

There may be no miracles in Miracle, according to certain characters on HBO's "The Leftovers," but there's now been a miracle about "The Leftovers," which HBO just renewed for a third season despite a precipitous ratings drop between seasons 1 and 2.

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<p>South Park</p>

South Park

Credit: Comedy Central

Review: How 'South Park' reinvented itself with its serialized 19th season

More continuity, but many of the same strengths and weaknesses

Some thoughts on last night's "South Park" finale, and the 19th(!) season as a whole, coming up just as soon as I fill out my application to live at The Residences at The Lofts at SoDoSoPa...

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