<p>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</p>

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'Halloween III': It takes a thief

Jake and Captain Holt's annual competition hits a funny new level

A quick review of tonight's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as this soda is worse than a fruit forward Riesling... 

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<p>Jessica Jones</p>

Jessica Jones

Credit: Netflix

It's Jessica Jones vs. the Purple Man in new Netflix trailer

Like all of their releases, Marvel has been slowly teasing the November 20 debut of the "Jessica Jones" series on Netflix. Today, it's time for a full-length trailer, which provides an extended glimpse of Krysten Ritter in the title role, as a washed-out superhero who now works as a private eye. In the trailer, we also get to see her meet Mike Colter as Luke Cage (who will be the star of Netflix's next Marvel series after this one) and get a sense of how badly Jessica was traumatized by her encounter with David Tennant as Zebediah Killgrave, aka the mind-controlling Purple Man.

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<p>The Leftovers</p>

The Leftovers

Credit: HBO

Ask Alan: Dramas vs. comedies, minority opinions, and speeding up Peak TV

Is watching shows faster the solution to the Peak TV problem?

It's been nearly a year since the first episode of Ask Alan, and after working through various kinks and hiatuses, we're finally ready to shift to what should be a weekly schedule for the foreseeable future. That means that we'll need even more questions than ever being sent to askalan@hitfix.com, whether you want to talk about current shows, past ones, TV trends, my process, or whatever. As long as you can boil the query down to a sentence or two, anything goes.

Today's installment is a particularly wonky one, as I get into whether it's more challenging to review comedies or dramas and what it's like to be outside the critical consensus on a particular show. And we also had some fun with one person's unconventional approach to dealing with Peak TV. That's all embedded right below this:

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Credit: CBS

Review: Melissa Benoist soars as 'Supergirl' in fun new CBS series

The team behind 'Arrow' & 'Flash' have done it again

"I feel like I'm not living up to my potential," Kara admits to her sister Alex. "I have the same powers he does! I can lift a bus, stop a bullet. Alex, I can fly!"

The "he" is Superman, Kara's celebrated cousin. Like Kara — (slightly) better known as "Supergirl," and now the star of her own TV series (it debuts Monday at 8:30 on CBS) — points out, they come from the same planet, and have the same powers, but he's an icon and she never seems to find her place.

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<p>You&#39;re the Worst</p>

You're the Worst

Credit: FXX

'You're the Worst' is at its absolute best in 'There Is Not Currently A Problem'

A local marathon traps everyone inside Jimmy's house for the day

A review of tonight's fantastic "You're the Worst" coming up just as soon as I begin my annual "Arliss" rewatch...

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<p>Joe Biden and Leslie Knope</p>

Joe Biden and Leslie Knope

Credit: NBC

Why Joe Biden just saved Leslie Knope a whole lot of heartache

'Parks and Recreation' co-creator explains why Leslie would've had a hard time choosing between Joe and Hillary Clinton

When "Parks and Recreation" debuted, Leslie Knope not only had a photo of Hillary Clinton on her office wall, but compared herself to the then-Senator, future Secretary of State, and current presidential candidate.

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<p>Gilmore Girls</p>

Gilmore Girls

Credit: Warner Bros.

Where Netflix leads with a 'Gilmore Girls' revival, will you follow?

'Gilmore' creator Amy Sherman-Palladino may finally get to do the ending she wanted, but should she?

Back in the summer, I acknowledged my own hypocrisy about TV's sequel series craze, admitting that I can't wait for new "X-Files" and "Twin Peaks" episodes, even as I was annoyed that "Heroes," "Full House," "Coach," and seemingly every other TV show ever made was getting a follow-up of some kind.

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Credit: FX

Great moments in TV corpse disposal, from 'Breaking Bad' to 'Fargo'

Who's best at making corpses vanish?

This post contains spoilers for last night's "Fargo," as well as many notable TV dramas of the last 10-15 years.

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Credit: FX

Review: 'Fargo' - 'Before the Law': Meet Mike Milligan

Ed spends a night at the butcher shop, Molly finds a clue, and Hank has a tough traffic stop

A review of tonight's "Fargo" coming up just as soon as I'm the pincher claw...

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<p>Crazy Ex-Girlfriend</p>

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Credit: CW

Review: Can 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' start distancing itself from 'crazy,' 'ex' yet?

Fun songs, and Rachel Bloom's appealing, but that premise needs a hard left turn

A week ago, I decided to wait on review the CW's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" because all I had to go on was the pilot episode, which was a slightly expanded version of the one made when the series was being developed at Showtime, and it felt exactly like that. There were fun musical numbers — star and co-creator Rachel Bloom is, after all, the woman who gave the world "F--k Me, Ray Bradbury" — but it was still clearly a half-hour episode padded out with 10 minutes of filler, and with an off-putting premise the show didn't seem entirely sure if it was taking seriously or spoofing.

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