<p>The Leftovers</p>

The Leftovers

Credit: HBO

It's a Miracle: HBO renews 'The Leftovers' for third and final season

Against all odds, the best show on television won't depart just yet

There may be no miracles in Miracle, according to certain characters on HBO's "The Leftovers," but there's now been a miracle about "The Leftovers," which HBO just renewed for a third season despite a precipitous ratings drop between seasons 1 and 2.

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<p>South Park</p>

South Park

Credit: Comedy Central

Review: How 'South Park' reinvented itself with its serialized 19th season

More continuity, but many of the same strengths and weaknesses

Some thoughts on last night's "South Park" finale, and the 19th(!) season as a whole, coming up just as soon as I fill out my application to live at The Residences at The Lofts at SoDoSoPa...

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Can the new 'Serial' season live up to the first?

Can the podcast's second season live up to the phenomenon of its first?

To the surprise and delight of many a podcast listener, the premiere of "Serial" season 2 appeared out of the ether this morning. I wrote about the first season in the context of its resemblance to a TV crime drama, and then about the ambiguity of its finale, and I have a few thoughts on the season 2 premiere coming up just as soon as this child murder has been really great for Mail Crimp...

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<p>You&#39;re the Worst</p>

You're the Worst

Credit: FXX

'You're the Worst' creator explains the dark, brilliant turn of season 2

What does Stephen Falk say to fans who just want their funny show back?

"You're the Worst" just concluded a terrific season, which went darker than I think anyone would have expected even last year, as the show dealt bluntly with Gretchen's battles with clinical depression.

My review of the finale is here, and I have a lot of thoughts on the season as a whole from creator Stephen Falk coming up just as soon as I wear my booby shirt...

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<p>You&#39;re the Worst</p>

You're the Worst

Credit: FXX

Review: 'You're the Worst' wraps up a dark, funny, ambitious, romantic season

Gretchen and Jimmy come to a new understanding, Edgar and Dorothy fight, and Lindsay sings again

"You're the Worst" just wrapped up a really strong second season. I interviewed creator Stephen Falk here, and I have a review of the finale coming up just as soon as I regret going to see "The Babadook"...

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<p>The Mindy Project</p>

The Mindy Project

Credit: Hulu

Review: 'The Mindy Project' makes trouble for Mindy & Danny in 1st Hulu season

A messy show acknowledges the messiness of its central relationship

Hulu released the mid-season finale of "The Mindy Project" yesterday, and I have thoughts on that episode and season 4 to date coming up just as soon as I sign up for this great new dating website called Ashley Madison...

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Credit: FX

'Fargo' & 'Better Call Saul' win HitFix's 4th Annual Television Critics Poll

Other big winners: 'The Americans,' 'Master of None,' 'Mad Men' & 'Mr. Robot'

"Fargo" has repeated to win HitFix's fourth annual Television Critics' Poll;, though it was unable by rule to sweep both categories the way it did a year ago.

"Fargo" was an easy winner in both last year's overall poll and new series poll, and it finished more than 100 points ahead of this year's second-place finisher (and FX channel-mate) "The Americans."

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<p>Henry Simmons as Mack on Agents of SHIELD</p>

Henry Simmons as Mack on Agents of SHIELD

Credit: ABC

Review: 'Agents of SHIELD' - 'Maveth': Coulson, Ward, and the blue, blue planet

'SHIELD' wraps up a half-season with a whimper

A quick review of the "Agents of SHIELD" mid-season finale coming up just as soon as I compare this place to Tatooine...

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Credit: CW

Review: 'iZombie' gets its superhero on with 'Cape Town'

Was having Liv play costumed vigilante a bridge too far, even for a zombie show?

Thoughts on tonight's "iZombie" coming up just as soon as I'm thick with justice...

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<p>Hank Henshaw is the Martian Manhunter on Supergirl</p>

Hank Henshaw is the Martian Manhunter on Supergirl

Credit: CBS

Why last night's 'Supergirl' secret identity twist was so smart

A good way to keep the fanboys and fangirls on their toes, among other things

Spoilers for last night's "Supergirl" — specifically the reveal at the end of it — coming up just as soon as I learn what it feels like to break a bone...

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