<p>CBS' &quot;Hawaii&nbsp;Five-0&quot;&nbsp;is one of a whole lotta new shows debuting over the next few weeks.</p>

CBS' "Hawaii Five-0" is one of a whole lotta new shows debuting over the next few weeks.

Credit: Art Streiber/CBS

TV fall premiere dates

A rundown of dates for all notable new and returning shows

Welcome to the busy part of the year in TV. The 2010-11 TV season, as defined by Nielsen, doesn't technically begin until Sept. 20, but nearly two dozen notable new and returning shows will be premiering before then, and then things get really crazy from the 20th onwards.

I'm still waiting for final versions of pilots before I feel comfortable weighing in on a lot of the rookies, but if you want a sense of some of the new stuff I'm looking forward to, you can read my post on the best shows I saw at press tour. Given the premiere crush, I can't promise to review everything myself, but Fienberg and I are going to try to hit as much as we can combined, and if I don't bother reviewing something (say, the CW's "Hellcats"), it's because I wasn't interested enough to spend time writing about it.

But for pure calendar purposes, here's a list of premiere dates for the notable new and returning show premieres planned between now and early October (note that ABC's "Body of Proof" and "Secret Millionaire" don't yet have premiere dates, while "V" is set to debut sometime in November):

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<p>Donal Logue and Michael Raymond James in FX's &quot;Terriers.&quot;</p>

Donal Logue and Michael Raymond James in FX's "Terriers."

Credit: FX

Interview: 'Terriers' stars Donal Logue & Michael Raymond-James

How being friends off-screen helps their chemistry on-screen

FX's new detective drama "Terriers" (which debuts Wednesday at 10) is a buddy show produced by buddies, starring buddies. Yesterday, I posted my interview with two of the show's chief creative forces, Ted Griffin and Shawn Ryan, and you could see the kind of chemistry they have together. Shortly after I talked to those two at press tour, I sat down with actors Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James. The two met when Raymond-James was guest-starring on a season two episode of NBC's "Life," where Logue played Captain Kevin Tidwell, and they bonded over Logue's copy of Jack Kerouac's "Big Sur."

After the jump, the two guys talk about how living together during production only added to their chemistry, Logue's sister Karina being hired to play his character's sister, and the dark places you can wind up in when you're living on the road, and a whole lot more...

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<p>The original cast of &quot;Beverly Hills 90210,&quot;&nbsp;before Luke Perry was added post-pilot. </p>

The original cast of "Beverly Hills 90210," before Luke Perry was added post-pilot.

Credit: FOX

A 'Beverly Hills 90210' memory on 9/02/10

How to repeat a year in high school and hope nobody notices

Today, as various corners of the Internets have no doubt made you aware, is 9/02/10, the one date per century that celebrates both the world's most famous zip code and the two TV shows that were set there.

I was reluctant at first to do any kind of post on the day, if only because I'm ashamed to admit how long I watched the original "Beverly Hills 90210." But I couldn't resist doing a quick post to bring up my favorite bit of "90210" lore.

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<p>Dr. John will be one of many &quot;Treme&quot;&nbsp;guest stars to appear on the season one soundtrack.</p>

Dr. John will be one of many "Treme" guest stars to appear on the season one soundtrack.

Credit: HBO

'Treme' soundtrack gets release date, track listing

Album to include Dr. John, Steve Earle, John Boutté and more

Back in June, I talked with David Simon about tentative plans to put out a soundtrack album for the first season of "Treme." That album now has a digital release date: September 28. (A physical CD will also come out sometime in the fall, date TBD.) And the list of 19 tracks is now out, featuring a lot of the great jazz artists who appeared on the show, plus several of the castmembers like Steve Zahn and Lucia Micarelli.

After the jump, the full track listing, plus a tidbit about my participation in the "Treme" DVD (which will be coming out much closer to the season two premiere, likely sometime in the spring):

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<p>Phil and Lem from &quot;Better Off Ted&quot;&nbsp;are back - on iTunes, at least.</p>

Phil and Lem from "Better Off Ted" are back - on iTunes, at least.

Credit: ABC

'Better Off Ted': The last two episodes are here! (Just not on TV)

iTunes, Amazon have one or both available to download

Hey, remember those two "Better Off Ted" episodes that weren't aired before ABC canceled the show, and that were going to air in June if the NBA Finals didn't go to a Game 7? Well, unfortunately, the Lakers and Celtics just wanted to keep playing and playing, and ABC never rescheduled the episodes, and with the new TV season about to begin in a few weeks, it doesn't look like they'll air anytime soon in this country. (Both aired in Australia a few weeks ago.)

But there is now a legal means of seeing both, as they were released to iTunes this morning. (One of them is also on Amazon's video on demand service.) UPDATE: And if you're a Netflix subscriber, you can stream both of them.

So go enjoy your last rush of Veronica, Lem, Phil and company. Haven't had a chance to watch yet myself, but hopefully there's a Veridian Dynamics commercial or two in there.

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<p>The boys of Kirkland celebrate their upset over Taiwan in the 1982 Little League World Series, the subject of the latest &quot;30 for 30&quot; documentary.</p>

The boys of Kirkland celebrate their upset over Taiwan in the 1982 Little League World Series, the subject of the latest "30 for 30" documentary.

Credit: ESPN

'30 for 30' - 'Little Big Men': The miracle on grass

A good Little League story marred by pretentious narration

I didn't get a chance to watch "Little Big Men," the latest "30 for 30" film, in advance, and since I'm slammed today, I'm going to keep this one short and sweet, right after the jump...

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<p>Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James in &quot;Terriers.&quot;</p>

Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James in "Terriers."

Credit: FX

Interview: Ted Griffin and Shawn Ryan talk 'Terriers'

On fusing the private eye genre with comedy and male bonding

At the end of press tour, I mentioned that one of my two favorite new shows from tour was FX's "Terriers," a new private eye drama from "Ocean's Eleven" writer Ted Griffin and "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan. It debuts a week from tonight, Wednesday, Sept. 8 at 10 p.m., and it's quite a lot of fun.

I'll have a review up next week, but the short version is that Donal Logue plays Hank Dolworth, an ex-cop, and Michael Raymond-James (he was Rene on "True Blood") is Britt Pollack, an ex-thief, and the two have teamed up to become low-rent, unlicensed detectives in Ocean Beach, CA. There's an ongoing story arc about the two getting in over their heads on a case involving the richest man in town, but also lots of standalone cases, and it's a nice mix of hard-boiled drama and buddy comedy, helped largely by the chemistry between real-life pals Logue and Raymond-James.

I interviewed both sets of partners immediately after the "Terriers" session at press tour. Logue and Raymond-James should be coming tomorrow or the day after that, depending on how long it takes to get the transcript done, but after the jump are some of Griffin and Ryan's thoughts on the show's influences (including a bunch of movies that get the highest Sepinwall Seal of Approval), the advantage of writing a show about close friends where the actors really like each other, and more.

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<p>Louis C.K. and &quot;Louie&quot;&nbsp;guest star Tom Noonan.</p>

Louis C.K. and "Louie" guest star Tom Noonan.

Credit: Eric Leibowitz / FX

'Louie' - 'God': If I had a hammer

The Tooth Fairy offers young Louie a lesson in religion

A review of tonight's "Louie" coming up just as soon as you give me your pencil...

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<p>Gabourey Sidibe as Andrea and Gabriel Basso as Adam in &quot;The Big C.&quot;</p>

Gabourey Sidibe as Andrea and Gabriel Basso as Adam in "The Big C."

Credit: Showtime

'The Big C' - 'There's No C in Team': Support is for suckers?

Cathy brings two families together

Last night's "The Big Cwas the last of the three I saw in advance before the season began, and probably the one that frustrated me the most, both in terms of Cathy's behavior and in the use of the support group as broad comic relief. On the other hand, I loved seeing Andrea be exposed to Cathy's family, and am expecting to see a lot more of her and Adam sharing scenes, so there's that.

The show's in repeats next week because of Labor Day, and perhaps I'll feel moved to write after seeing the fourth episode, but until then, what did everybody else think?

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<p>&quot;Sons of Anarchy&quot;&nbsp;creator Kurt Sutter directing a scene from last season's finale.</p>

"Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter directing a scene from last season's finale.

Credit: FX

Interview: 'Sons of Anarchy' creator Kurt Sutter previews season three

On the search for Jax's baby, the cast's outlaw attitude, and more

The new season of "Sons of Anarchy" starts on Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 10 p.m. on FX. And since the drama about an outlaw motorcycle club is one of the best on television, I made sure to spend some time talking with the show's creator, Kurt Sutter, after the "Sons" panel at the Television Critics Association press tour a few weeks back.

I've seen the first four episode of "Sons" season three, and they're strong. (I'll have a longer review the day of the premiere.) The new season obviously deals with the abduction of Jax's baby son Abel, has a notable guest star arc for Hal Holbrook as Gemma's father, and brings back Kenny Johnson from "The Shield" as a member of the Sons' Tacoma charter named Kozik. We talk about that - none of it in particularly spoiler-y terms - about the growing outlaw attitude of the cast (in the panel right before the interview, Charlie Hunnam dismissed the Emmys in very profane, certain terms) and more. Note that I didn't repeat anything discussed at the "Sons" Comic-Con panel, so if you want to know about replacing Half-Sack, etc., go read that earlier post.

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