<p>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</p>

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'The Defense Rests'

Eva Longoria, Chris Parnell and more stop by a guest star-heavy episode

A quick review of tonight's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as I guess how tall you are in eggrolls...

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<p>Better Call Saul creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan</p>

Better Call Saul creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan

Credit: AMC

'Better Call Saul!' creators: 'It was not just a joke, but a potentially good idea.'

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould on the long, strange journey of the 'Breaking Bad' prequel

As I said in my review of AMC’s “Better Call Saul!” I approached the “Breaking Bad” prequel with some skepticism about whether it could work, before ultimately being pleased with the first three episodes. Two other men who had deep and long-lasting concerns about the viability of the project? That would be “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan and producer Peter Gould, who wrote the episode that introduced Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman.

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Credit: Cinemax

Review: 'Banshee' - 'A Fixer of Sorts'

Nola and Burton have a ridiculous battle, and Hood travels by truck

A quick review of tonight's "Banshee" coming up just as soon as I grab that hood ornament...

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Credit: NBC

Review: 'Parenthood' - 'We Made It Through the Night'

Zeek makes a decision about his health, Adam and Crosby fight, and Sarah and Amber duet

A review of tonight's "Parenthood" coming up just as soon as I have my second wedding at a volcano...

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<p>Melissa Benoist</p>

Melissa Benoist

Credit: AP

CBS' 'Supergirl' casts 'Glee' alum Melissa Benoist

How will the 'Whiplash' co-star do as the DC Comics' heroine?

CBS has its "Supergirl" star, and it's... "Glee" alum Melissa Benoist?

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Credit: FOX

Review: FOX's 'Backstrom' the latest attempt at 'House, PD'

Rainn Wilson's not a good fit as a caveman cop with a gift for profling

Imitation is the sincerest form of television, and the biggest hits will be imitated over and over and over again — sometime well after they've gone off the air. "House" was one of the defining hits of the last decade on FOX, and it inspired clones in various traditional TV fields, with lawyers (James Woods in "Shark"), and even other doctors (Stanley Tucci in "3 Lbs") playing the part of the misanthropic, sarcastic rule-breaker who's too good at the job to fire.

FOX's "Bones" has never exactly been a "House" clone — Temperance insults people not because she's a jerk, but because (it's implied) she has Asperger's — but it debuted in the wake of "House" and was tagged early on as "House, FBI." Now, though, longtime "Bones" showrunner Hart Hanson has a new series — "Backstrom," which debuts tonight at 9 on FOX — that's impossible to view as anything but "House, P.D.," even though its origins lie on another continent.

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<p>Better Call Saul</p>

Better Call Saul

Credit: AMC

Review: 'Better Call Saul!' a 'Breaking Bad' prequel with promise

Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks take us back in time to the days of Jimmy McGill

Early in the second episode of AMC's "Breaking Bad" prequel "Better Call Saul!," our hero Jimmy McGill — who will one day go by Saul Goodman — is taken out into the desert and threatened by someone who in the future will tangle with the man called Heisenberg.

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Credit: FX

Season premiere review: 'Justified' - 'Fate's Right Hand'

The final season begins with Raylan in hot pursuit of Boyd

"Justified" is back for its final season. I published some overall thoughts on the new episodes this morning, and I have a review of the premiere coming up just as soon as I tell you that carrying my underpants is important...

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<p>Heat Wave and Captain Cold</p>

Heat Wave and Captain Cold

Credit: CW

Review: 'The Flash' - 'Revenge of the Rogues'

Barry takes on two supervillains at once, while Caitlin investigates Firestorm

A quick review of tonight's "The Flash" coming up just as soon as I make you try scuba diving and Indian food...

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<p>Parks and Recreation</p>

Parks and Recreation

Credit: NBC

Review: 'Parks and Recreation' - 'William Henry Harrison/Leslie & Ron'

When things between Leslie and Ron get bad, their friends lock them up to settle things

A review of tonight's two "Parks and Recreation" episodes coming up just as soon as we binge watch the future...

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