<p>Donald Glover from &quot;Community&quot;&nbsp;and Terry Crews from &quot;Are We There Yet?&quot;</p>

Donald Glover from "Community" and Terry Crews from "Are We There Yet?"

Credit: NBC/TBS

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice...

Some other HitFix writers have thoughtful takes on "Are We There Yet?" and Glover-as-Spidey.

My last few years at The Star-Ledger, I was essentially a one-man band on the subject of TV. If I didn't write about a show, then it didn't get covered in the paper. Here at HitFix, though, I'm part of a team, and I can be secure in the knowledge that if I don't get to everything, one of our other very talented writers can.

That happened twice yesterday. First, Fienberg bit the bullet and reviewed TBS' "Are We There Yet?" and found more things to write about it than I would have. I watched two episodes and my opinion is roughly on par with Dan's (who, unlike me, has also seen the two Ice Cube movies that inspired the sitcom), but he used the show as a jumping-off point to talk about diversity on television and what a shame it is that the show's very talented and funny producer, Ali LeRoi, has to be stuck doing a show like this for TBS when the networks are offering up so many awful-looking comedies for next season.

Diversity was also very much the subject of Drew McWeeny's thoughtful essay on the fan campaign to get Donald Glover (Troy from "Community") cast as Peter Parker in the "Spider-Man" reboot, and on the at times ugly superhero fanboy reaction to the idea. Like Drew, I don't think this has a chance in Hell of happening (Facebook will have to content itself with having won the Betty White war), and I have no idea whether Glover can handle the serious side of the role, but I don't think there's any reason this character has to be a particular race, and I agree that the one element of Spidey that the Sam Raimi films missed out on was the wisecracking.

So go read both of those stories, and I'll be back around lunchtime with my "Burn Notice" review, and then Dan and I will be podcasting later in the afternoon.

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<p>Arlo and Raylan Givens, getting along as well as usual, on &quot;Justified.&quot;</p>

Arlo and Raylan Givens, getting along as well as usual, on "Justified."

Credit: Prashant Gupta / FX

'Justified' - 'Fathers and Sons': The golden oldie snitch

Trouble comes at all angles for Raylan in the season's penultimate episode.

A review of the penultimate "Justified" of season one coming up just as soon as I tell you I prostituted myself to old ladies...

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<p>Jerry Seinfeld</p>

Jerry Seinfeld

Credit: NBC

There is a new set of pictures. Discuss. (Summer TV edition)

What summer TV are you looking forward to?

Can you guess what these

Over the weekend, I published a rundown of many notable summer premiere dates, and I'm curious what new summer series you're looking forward to sampling. (That's in addition, of course, to returning favorites like "Burn Notice" or "Mad Men" or the three old series I'll be revisiting over the next few months.)

The link between that question and the four pictures above should be obvious (two of them celebrated an anniversary yesterday, and Andy Denhart has a cool anniversary treat about one), but feel free to discuss them along with your summer viewing agenda below.

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<p>Neil (Patton Oswalt)&nbsp;has some news on &quot;United States of Tara.&quot;</p>

Neil (Patton Oswalt) has some news on "United States of Tara."

Credit: Showtime

'United States of Tara' - 'To Have and To Hold': Meeting Miss Mimi

Tara and Charmaine get a big piece of the puzzle.

A quick review of the penultimate "United States of Tara" of season two coming up just as soon as I remove gluten from my diet...

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<p>Saul Goodman confers with his client on &quot;Breaking Bad.&quot;</p>

Saul Goodman confers with his client on "Breaking Bad."

Credit: AMC

'Breaking Bad' - 'Abiquiu': This is the business we have chosen

Skyler makes Walt and offer, and Jesse makes a friend at AA.

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as I hang an air freshener for you...

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<p>&quot;True Blood&quot;&nbsp;will be back in June.</p>

"True Blood" will be back in June.

Credit: HBO

Summer TV preview

A look at when both returning shows ("Mad Men," "True Blood") and new ones are debuting.

The 2009-10 network TV season is over, and summer TV is about to kick into gear, with plenty of new and returning shows. Among the notable summer series:

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<p>Kyle puts the moves on the wrong lady on &quot;Party Down.&quot;</p>

Kyle puts the moves on the wrong lady on "Party Down."

Credit: Starz

'Party Down' - 'Not On Your Wife opening night': It's a farce!

A terrific guest cast turns out for a satire of the lowest rung of showbiz: community theater.

A review of tonight's "Party Down" coming up just as soon as I change my online dating profile...

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<p>When Lions fight, on &quot;Friday Night Lights.&quot;</p>

When Lions fight, on "Friday Night Lights."

Credit: NBC

'Friday Night Lights' - 'A Sort of Homecoming': Father of the pride

Coach reaches back to East Dillon's past while his present-day stars fight it out.

Once, again, I reviewed all the episodes for this season of "Friday Night Lights" on my old blog as they aired on DirecTV. Because I can't bring content from the old blog over here, each week I'm going to link to those reviews so you can see what I and the DirecTV audience thought of them back in the fall, then discuss them here.

This week: "A Sort of Homecoming," in which Coach reaches out to some Lions alums, Luke and Vince have beef and Matt gets some (more) bad news. Go read the review and - keeping in mind that we will not be discussing, or even hinting at, anything that happens in episodes that have yet to air on NBC - tell me what you thought of the episode.

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<p>Gary Coleman (right) with &quot;Diff'rent Strokes&quot;&nbsp;co-stars Todd Bridges and Conrad Bain.</p>

Gary Coleman (right) with "Diff'rent Strokes" co-stars Todd Bridges and Conrad Bain.

RIP, Gary Coleman: Let's hope you're remembered for the right reasons

The 'Diff'rent Strokes' star was a natural on camera.

This morning, I wrote about how the "Sex and the City" movies have made me retroactively dislike the TV show, which I once enjoyed. And in hearing the sad news about the death of Gary Coleman at 42, I again can't help but think of the issue of legacy and how dark later years can overshadow beloved earlier ones.

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<p>The ladies of &quot;Sex and the City 2.&quot;</p>

The ladies of "Sex and the City 2."

How I learned to start worrying and hate Carrie Bradshaw

On "Sex and the City 2" and the destruction of old memories

So "Sex and the City 2" is out, and the reviews have been, um, less than kind. My old partner Matt Seitz suggested "This is why they hate us," while Roger Ebert said "some of these people make my skin crawl," and HitFix's Alonso Duralde, who liked the first movie, called this one a "bad-drag version" of it.

I will not be seeing the movie in a theater (though, admittedly, since I became a dad I see very few movies that way), nor on DVD, nor on cable if I can help it. I loathed the first movie, and everything I've seen and read about this one makes it seem like it's going to be worse.

And what's most frustrating of all is that I did, once upon a time, enjoy "Sex and the City" the TV show (partly as a Take One For the Team show, but partly on its own merits for the first few seasons), and these movies have made me retroactively hate that, too.

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