<p>Don't mess with The Shat.</p>

Don't mess with The Shat.

Credit: CBS

'$#*! My Dad Says' - 'Pilot': If it smells like Wolf Blitzer...

What did everybody think of the Twitter feed-turned-sitcom?

Yesterday, I reviewed CBS' new "$#*! My Dad Says," and was not a fan. What about you? Did you find it lived up to the Twitter feed? Did you dig The Shat? Or are you one-and-done?

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<p>The &quot;My Generation&quot;&nbsp;gang in their contemporary days.</p>

The "My Generation" gang in their contemporary days.

Credit: ABC

'My Generation' - 'Pilot': Back in the Britney Spears days

What did everybody think of the new drama?

Yesterday, I reviewed ABC's "My Generationand found it very wanting. Now it's your turn. For those who watched, what did you think? Did you like the documentary format? Did you find any of the actors convincing in the high school flashbacks? Did all the dramatic irony start to feel silly after a while? And are you going to be trying it again next week?

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<p>Betty White raps with Troy and Abed on &quot;Community.&quot;</p>

Betty White raps with Troy and Abed on "Community."

Credit: NBC

'Community' - 'Anthropology 101': R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me

Betty White helps out in the funny season two premiere

"Community" is back, boys and girls, and if you missed any of my cast and crew interviews over the summer, I talked with Donald Glover and Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Dan Harmon, the Russo brothers and Yvette Nicole Brown. (And I have one more to go after next week's episode airs.) As for the premiere itself, a review coming up just as soon as I put on my Spider-Man jammies...

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<p>&quot;Blue Bloods.&quot;</p>

"Blue Bloods."

Credit: CBS

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 38: 'My Generation,' 'Outsourced,' '$#*! My Dad Says' and more new shows

A day later than expected, Dan and Alan conclude their fall preview


The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast fall preview concludes, a day later than planned (thanks to Internet problems on my end; sorry, folks), with Dan and I taking a belated look at last night's premieres, yesterday's "American Idol" news and some early ratings before looking ahead to the four new shows debuting tonight and tomorrow.

The run-down:

The "American Idol" judging announcement -- 01:40 - 08:30
Early ratings -- 08:30 - 19:25
After-the-fact reviews of new Wednesday shows -- 19:30 - 32:10
"My Generation" -- 32:15 - 37:20
"Feces My Dad Says" -- 37:22 - 42:35
"Outsourced" -- 42:40 - 48:05
"Blue Bloods" -- 49:15 - 52:05

As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file or stream it on Dan's blog.

We likely won't have time to answer questions on the next few shows, but just in case, you can always reach us at sepinwall@hitfix.com and/or dan@hitfix.com

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<p>Jay helps Cam with a project on &quot;Modern Family.&quot;</p>

Jay helps Cam with a project on "Modern Family."

Credit: ABC

'Modern Family' - 'The Old Wagon': Mitchell's howling castle

The season two premiere leans a bit too heavily on formula

A review of the "Modern Family" season two premiere coming up just as soon as I read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" one more time...

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<p>Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James in &quot;Terriers.&quot;</p>

Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James in "Terriers."

Credit: FX

'Terriers' - 'Change Partners': Consenting adultery

The dark side of Hank and Britt are on display in a great episode

A review of tonight's "Terriers" coming up just as soon as I go home and cancel my library cards...

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<p>The cast of &quot;The Defenders.&quot;</p>

The cast of "The Defenders."

Credit: CBS

'The Defenders' - 'Pilot': Way cool Junior

What did everybody think of the Jim Belushi legal drama?

In lieu of a review of "The Defenders- the pilot of which I enjoyed, even if it's not the kind of show I'll likely watch more than 2 or 3 times a season - I interviewed Jim Belushi, and got some good stories out of him about his brother, being a media punching bag, improvising in movies, and more.

So now that the show has aired, I'm curious what everyone who watched thought. Whatever your opinions of Belushi going in, how do you think he did here? Is anyone more likely than I am to make this appointment viewing?

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<p>Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow in &quot;The Whole Truth.&quot;</p>

Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow in "The Whole Truth."

Credit: ABC

'The Whole Truth' - 'Pilot': Whodunnit?

What did everybody think of the Rob Morrow/Maura Tierney legal drama?

Yesterday, I reviewed ABC's "The Whole Truth," in which I liked the personal interplay between Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow, and not much else. For those who watched, what did you think? Is this a formula you want to come back to week after week?

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<p>Boris Kodjoe in the &quot;Undercovers&quot;&nbsp;pilot.</p>
<br />

Boris Kodjoe in the "Undercovers" pilot.

Credit: NBC

'Undercovers' - 'Pilot': Someone's a little too good at sexpionage

What did everybody think of the new JJ Abrams spy series?

Yesterday, I reviewed the pilot of NBC's "Undercovers." Now it's your turn. What did you think of Boris, Gugu, Gerald McRaney, Ben Schwartz (Jean-Ralphio from "Parks and Rec"), et al? Do you find the word "sexpionage" innately funny? You gonna watch again?

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<p>The cast of &quot;Better With You.&quot;</p>

The cast of "Better With You."

Credit: ABC

'Better With You' - 'Pilot': Through the years

What did everybody think of the new sitcom?

I never got around to writing a review of "Better With You," and due to massive technological fail on my end, I couldn't even discuss it on a podcast today. (Fienberg, at least, wrote something on the subject.) For the most part, the shows I've been skipping this week haven't been the ones I hated (see this, this and this today), but the ones I felt ambivalent about, and this one qualifies. I like a bunch of the actors (particularly JoAnna Garcia, Jennifer Finnigan, Debra Jo Rupp and Kurt Fuller), and it didn't grate the way either of the new Thursday sitcoms did, but nor did it make me laugh, or even smile, and that's a problem on a traditional multi-camera comedy with a laughtrack. It seems a weird fit with "The Middle," "Modern Family" and "Cougar Town," and given that I usually don't have time for "The Middle" (which is much funnier), I can't see me finding the time for this within a week or two, if that.

What did everybody else think?

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