<p>Mark Valley and Lennie James in last night's &quot;Human target.&quot;</p>

Mark Valley and Lennie James in last night's "Human target."

Credit: FOX

'Human Target' - 'The Return of Baptiste': The girl, the old watch and everything

Lennie James is back for an episode that feels very much like a throwback to season one

A quick review of last night's "Human Target" coming up just as soon as I use my feet to pick up a syringe...

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<p>Bobby (Brian Van Holt) works on his golf game on &quot;Cougar Town.&quot;</p>

Bobby (Brian Van Holt) works on his golf game on "Cougar Town."

Credit: ABC

'Cougar Town' - 'The Same Old You': Bobby Cobb needs to get back in the game

Jules tries to help Bobby get his mojo back, while Laurie and Travis get a little too close

A quick review of last night's "Cougar Town" coming up just as soon as I buy a fake ratty boat-fixing outfit...

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<p>Phil (Ty Burrell)&nbsp;has a bone to pick with a department store employee on &quot;Modern Family.&quot;</p>

Phil (Ty Burrell) has a bone to pick with a department store employee on "Modern Family."

Credit: ABC

'Modern Family' - 'Dance Dance Revelation': Let's go to the mall (today)

A slightly uneven but very funny outing for the three clans

A quick review of last night's "Modern Family" coming up just as soon as I hire a hobo to traumatize my child...

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<p>&quot;Breaking Bad&quot;&nbsp;got a bunch of WGA&nbsp;Awards nominations.</p>

"Breaking Bad" got a bunch of WGA Awards nominations.

Credit: AMC

Analysis: WGA Awards nominations do well by drama, iffier by comedy

Was "The Office" one of the five best-written comedies of 2010?

The Writers Guild of America announced their 2010 WGA Award nominations today. Fienberg has a recap of all the nominees, and after the jump, I have a few random observations on some of the nominees...

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<p>Gabriel Byrne and Dane DeHaan in &quot;In Treatment.&quot;</p>

Gabriel Byrne and Dane DeHaan in "In Treatment."

Credit: HBO

'In Treatment': Week seven in review

A lot of unhappy endings to season three

For the final time this season (and with a boutique show like this one, you never know if a given season will be the last one), we're going to review all four episodes of "In Treatment" in one post. My thoughts on the finales coming up just as soon as I'm voted off the island...

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<p>Adam Scott, Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe and Amy Poehler in a scene from &quot;Parks and Recreation&quot;&nbsp;season 3.</p>

Adam Scott, Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe and Amy Poehler in a scene from "Parks and Recreation" season 3.

Credit: NBC

'Parks and Recreation': Early thoughts on Season 3

First six episodes as strong a stretch as the show has had

A few weeks back, when NBC announced a mid-season schedule that placed "Parks and Recreation" on Thursdays at 9:30 after "The Office," I wrote that it was a wise decision because out of all the comedies on the network's schedule, "Parks and Rec" is the one that's the closest spiritual match to "The Office," and the one with the best chance of succeeding that show should the ratings dip post-Steve Carell.

At the time, I mentioned that I had seen a few of this season's new episodes, and that they were terrific. Well, now NBC has sent the season's first six episodes - the ones that were shot last spring, before Amy Poehler went on maternity leave, back when everyone assumed the show would be on the fall schedule - to critics, and I can say that they're terrific, as strong a six-episode stretch as the show had at any point in its fantastic second season. I'll have a much longer review close to the January 20 premiere date, but to whet your appetites, after the jump I'll have a few random observations about these six, as spoiler-minimal as I can be while actually saying things (but if you want to know nothing about storylines/guests/etc., don't click through):

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<p>Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt in &quot;Boardwalk Empire.&quot;</p>

Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt in "Boardwalk Empire."

Credit: HBO/Abbot Genser

Interview: 'Boardwalk Empire' creator Terence Winter post-mortems season one

Looking back over a strong first season and ahead to next year

"Boardwalk Empire" wrapped up its first season on Monday night in fine fashion. (You can read my review here.) The show never lived up to the image I had built in my head before the series started - Scorsese! Winter! Buscemi! Omar! Prohibition! - but frankly, I'm not sure anything could have, given the assembled talent, the setting, etc.

But if "Boardwalk Empire" had to settle for having a damn strong first season rather than instantly inserting itself into a discussion of all-time great dramas, no harm in that. ("Mad Men," from Terence Winter's old "Sopranos" colleague Matt Weiner, didn't really get into that discussion until its second season, and even "The Wire" wasn't considered Best Show Ever after its first year.

The morning after the finale, I got on the phone with Winter for an interview to bookend the one we did before the start of the series, in which we discussed the journeys of Nucky, Jimmy and Margaret, the challenge of having fictional characters interact with real ones, plans for season two and more.

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<p>Kyle MacLachlan and Josh Radnor in &quot;How I&nbsp;Met Your Mother.&quot;</p>

Kyle MacLachlan and Josh Radnor in "How I Met Your Mother."

Credit: CBS

'How I Met Your Mother' - 'The Mermaid Theory': Naked came the manatee

An episode that resembled vintage "HIMYM" on the surface, but didn't really work

A review of last night's "How I Met Your Mother" coming up just as soon as we spend six hours in frigid international waters...

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<p>The &quot;Men of a Certain Age&quot;&nbsp;enjoy a meal together in the season two premiere.</p>

The "Men of a Certain Age" enjoy a meal together in the season two premiere.

Credit: TNT

'Men of a Certain Age' - 'If I Could, I Surely Would': The lady or the tramp?

Catching up with Joe, Owen and Terry as season two begins

I offered a general review of the first couple of episodes of "Men of a Certain Age" season two earlier today, and now I have a few specific thoughts on the season premiere, coming up just as soon as I eat pasta in a bikini...

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<p>Britt (Michael Raymond-James)&nbsp;and Hank (Donal Logue)&nbsp;in the truck on &quot;Terriers.&quot;</p>

Britt (Michael Raymond-James) and Hank (Donal Logue) in the truck on "Terriers."

Credit: FX

FX cancels 'Terriers,' take 3: Interviewing creator Ted Griffin

On seeing the writing on the wall, the fun of the show, and where the truck would have gone

Though everyone ultimately agreed that the name of "Terriers" didn't help the show attract viewers during its single, glorious, extremely low-rated season, the show's creator Ted Griffin - the one who takes full credit/blame for the title - couldn't help sticking with dog metaphors when he called me up to discuss the show's cancellation.

"It's like putting a dog down," he said moments after I picked up the phone. "I knew it was limping, I knew it wasn't in good health, but it was still really tough to euthanize it. But in dog years, our show lasted seven seasons."

After the jump, a transcript of the rest of our conversation, including Griffin's perspective on the meeting he and fellow producers Shawn Ryan and Tim Minear had with FX president John Landgraf on Friday (I have Landgraf's own take on the cancellation here), when they knew the cancellation writing was on the wall, advice from frequent cancellation victim Minear, and even a few stray thoughts on where the show might have gone in its second (and even third!) season.

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