<p>You may be surprised to hear that Dax Shepard from &quot;Parenthood&quot; did a fine job hosting the TCA&nbsp;Awards last night.</p>

You may be surprised to hear that Dax Shepard from "Parenthood" did a fine job hosting the TCA Awards last night.

Credit: NBC

Press tour: Highlights from the TCA Awards

Tom Hanks, Damon Lindelof and Dax Shepard all get big laughs

As I've mentioned previously, the night of the TCA Awards is usually my favorite of every tour. Even when I don't agree with the winners, the choices and the speeches are always interesting, everybody seems to enjoy the absence of cameras, an orchestra to play you off, etc. It's a mostly off-the-record night, so the winners will often stick around to schmooze and tell good stories, or to fraternize with people from other shows, and everyone seems to have a great time. (That, or any actor talented enough to win a TCA Award is good enough to fake it.)

(*) I believe I've shared the story in the past about Vincent Kartheiser from "Mad Men" and Jamie Hector from "The Wire" swapping phone numbers and me having to resist the urge to bust out my Lester Freamon impression.

I posted the list of winners last night, and after the jump, some highlights of the evening...

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<p>Michael Imperioli and &quot;Detroit 1-8-7&quot;&nbsp;will be first up at ABC's day at TCA.</p>

Michael Imperioli and "Detroit 1-8-7" will be first up at ABC's day at TCA.

Credit: ABC

A day in the life of press tour: ABC

A new network president and a lot of new shows the old guy ordered

Last night was the TCA Awards, which were a lot of fun, as always (and not just because Damon Lindelof's acceptance speech included the phrase "Sepinwall, you bastard"), and while I hope to do a longer write-up of the evening at some point today, right now I need to start getting ready for ABC's day at the tour. ABC's the next-to-last broadcast network to present at TCA this summer (Fox is tomorrow), and like NBC on Friday, they have a very, very busy day - plus a brand-new president thanks to Steve McPherson's abrupt resignation last week. My rundown of the schedule after the jump...

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<p>&quot;Glee&quot;&nbsp;took home three TCA&nbsp;Awards.</p>

"Glee" took home three TCA Awards.

Credit: Fox/Adam Rose

'Glee' dominates Television Critics Association Awards

Other winners include 'Lost,' 'Breaking Bad' and 'Modern Family'

One of the best nights at press tour every year is the presentation of the Television Critics Association Awards. Because it's a group award, I don't agree with every choice (if you've read me long enough, you'll be able to tell which ones I don't agree with here, particularly if you look at some of the other nominees), but it's always an interesting and eclectic group, and the speeches (by both the winners and the critics introducing them) tend to be good. The ceremony is just ending as I publish this, and if anything particularly memorable was said, I'll do a second post tomorrow morning before Fox's day. The winners after the jump...

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<p>&quot;The Office&quot;&nbsp;producer/co-star Paul Lieberstein had a lot to say about how the show will move on without Steve Carell.</p>

"The Office" producer/co-star Paul Lieberstein had a lot to say about how the show will move on without Steve Carell.

Credit: NBC

Press tour: 'The Office' plans for life without Steve Carell

Paul Lieberstein on the succession plan, possible candidates, and other stories for the new season.

Though he's best-known to fans of "The Office" as ineffectual human resources rep Toby Flenderson, Paul Lieberstein's more important job is as the executive producer responsible for the series' creative direction and day-to-day operations. This year, Lieberstein and "Office" developer Greg Daniels will be responsible for handling the show's biggest challenge: writing out Steve Carell, and choosing someone to fill Michael Scott's chair.

I talked to Lieberstein at NBC's press tour party about how it will work story-wise, whether he'd prefer an internal or external successor and who the internal candidates are. We also looked back on this past season (Lieberstein was fonder of it than I was) and looked ahead to some other upcoming storylines, including a guest arc for Timothy Olyphant from "Justified." Various mild season seven spoilers coming up after the jump...

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<p>The Riggins family enjoys a happy moment on &quot;Friday Night Lights.&quot;</p>

The Riggins family enjoys a happy moment on "Friday Night Lights."

Credit: NBC

'Friday Night Lights' - 'Laboring': Toothpicking against the spread

Tensions mount in the season's penultimate episode.

Once again, I reviewed all the episodes for this season of "Friday Night Lights" on my old blog as they aired on DirecTV. Because I can't bring content from the old blog over here, each week I'm going to link to those reviews so you can see what I and the DirecTV audience thought of them back in the fall, then discuss them here.

This week: "Laboring," in which a new Riggins joins the family, Vince considers revenge and the Panthers decide to use a bazooka as a fly-swatter in a feud with the Lions. So go read the review and - keeping in mind that we will not be discussing, or even hinting at, anything that happens in the finale  - tell me what you thought.

<p>Blair Underwood is the President of the United States in &quot;The Event.&quot;</p>

Blair Underwood is the President of the United States in "The Event."

Credit: NBC

Press tour: 'The Event' producers want your trust

How satisfying will the sci-fi-tinged thriller be?

What is "The Event"?

No. I'm serious. What is "The Event"? Or, rather, what is "the event" that characters keep referring to in the pilot for NBC's much-hyped but potentially troublesome new thriller? And how much faith should I put in the producers of a show who ask me to trust them implicitly?

Some thoughts on the panel, and the pilot, coming up after the jump...

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<p>NBC&nbsp;will have to deal with &quot;The Office&quot;&nbsp;without Steve Carell.</p>

NBC will have to deal with "The Office" without Steve Carell.

Credit: NBC

Press tour: Post-gaming NBC's executive session

Is the Peacock ready to rebuild?

NBC's executive session with entertainment president Angela Bromstad and chairman Jeff Gaspin just concluded. Fienberg has the full play-by-play in his liveblog, and after the jump, I have some thoughts on what it was they had to say.

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<p>Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in &quot;Undercovers.&quot;</p>

Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in "Undercovers."

Credit: NBC

A day in the life of press tour: NBC

A busy day for the Peacock and its cable pals.

My need for sleep and then to catch up on pilots (FX's "Terriers" is going to be one of my new favorite shows) meant I couldn't do a press tour schedule post in advance. Today is NBC (and NBC-affiliated cable channels like USA and Bravo). We already had a breakfast-time schmooze with the cast of "Covert Affairs," and I'm writing this in the middle of the panel for NBC's "The Event," yet another post-"Lost" show with a complex mythology and a teasing style of narrative. (The creator has already used the very familiar phrase, "You have to go on faith that we know what we're doing.") After the jump, a run-down of the rest of the day...

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<p>Jeffster!&nbsp;dances at Comic-Con.</p>

Jeffster! dances at Comic-Con.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Watch: The 'Chuck' panel at Comic-Con

The Buy More gang gets an enthusiastic San Diego reception

We've offered our recaps of what went down at the "Chuck" panel at Comic-Con - including the unfortunate and abrupt ending to that panel - but now those of you who couldn't make it to San Diego, or couldn't get into a packed Ballroom 20, here's video of it all:

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<p>Prez (Jim True-Frost)&nbsp;and Lt. Daniels (Lance Reddick)&nbsp;together on &quot;The Wire.&quot;</p>

Prez (Jim True-Frost) and Lt. Daniels (Lance Reddick) together on "The Wire."

Credit: HBO

'The Wire' Rewind: Season 3, Episode 9 - 'Slapstick' (Veterans edition)

Plans go awry for both cops and crooks.

Once again, we're spending Fridays this summer revisiting season three of "The Wire," the greatest TV drama of all time. (You can find my reviews of the other seasons on the siderail at my old blog.) And, as usual, we're doing it in two versions: one for people who have seen the show all the way through and want to be able to discuss it from beginning to end, and one for people who aren't as far along and don't want to be spoiled about anything after this episode. This is the veteran version; click here for the newbie-friendly one.

A review of episode nine, "Slapstick," coming up just as soon as I do the cookie first...

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