<p>Peggy and Don go to the diner.</p>

Peggy and Don go to the diner.

Credit: AMC

An update on the 'Mad Men' commenting problem

Let's work the problem, people

Over the last several weeks, a lot of you have, understandably, complained about issues with commenting on the "Mad Men" posts - specifically, with some comments appearing to disappear and others being duplicated. I've insisted repeatedly that our web designers were working on this, and it looks like we've finally licked the problem.

Without boring you with the technical details, it looks like the problem wasn't that comments were disappearing, but that once the number of comments passed a certain point ("Mad Men" posts get more comments than anything else on the site, by far), two things began to happen: 1)Comments began to appear out of chronological order, and 2)Some comments began duplicating themselves, further mucking up the order. As far as we've been able to figure so far, no comments were lost; they just weren't where anyone was looking for them, and the duplicates only complicated any attempt to look.

Both of those issues have been resolved, and I skimmed the comments on the most recent post, where it now looks like everything's in the proper order.

That said, I want to be sure we've actually licked the problem. It's entirely possible that comments have disappeared, and in such a way that they don't even appear under the hood where the programmers and I can see. So if it looked earlier in the week like one of your comments vanished and you remember roughly when you posted it, would you mind taking a look to see if you can find it? If everything is where it was supposed to be, then the fix has taken. (And we'll remain diligent in case it pops up again.) But if comments are still missing, then our people will keep digging deeper.

I understand that this is frustrating. We're doing what we can, when we can.

<p>Gabriel Byrne as Paul on &quot;In Treatment.&quot;</p>

Gabriel Byrne as Paul on "In Treatment."

Credit: HBO/Abbot Genser

'In Treatment' returns Oct. 25 with new co-stars and new timeslot

Four episodes a week will include Debra Winger and Amy Ryan

Though I recognize it's an acquired taste, HBO's "In Treatment" was one of my favorite dramas on television when it last aired in May of '09. (You can see my reviews of that season on my old blog.) The wait for a third season is finally over, as HBO has announced that the new season will begin on October 25 at 9 p.m.

Season three will have a slightly new format, new showrunners, new co-stars and will be the first to feature entirely new stories, since the first two seasons were adapted from the Israeli drama "Be'Tipul."

The main constant is the return of Gabriel Byrne as Dr. Paul Weston, who can be a brilliant therapist when he isn't letting his own demons get in the way.

Previous seasons featured five half-hour episodes per week: four of Paul's sessions with his patients, then one of Paul seeing his own shrink, Dr. Gina Toll (Dianne Wiest, who won an Emmy for the first season). In season one, the episodes ran on five consecutive nights. In season two, HBO aired three episodes on Sundays and the other two on Mondays. This year, the number of episodes will be scaled down to four: three patients, played by, in order, Irrfan Khan, Debra Winger and Dane DeHaan; followed by Amy Ryan as Paul's new therapist.

The episodes will air in pairs, with Kahn and Winger on Mondays from 9-10 and DeHaan and Ryan on Tuesdays from 9-10.

The husband-and-wife team of Dan Futterman (actor-turned-Oscar-nominated-writer of "Capote") and Anya Epstein will be the new showrunners, taking over for Warren Leight, who himself took over for season one's Rodrigo Garcia.

<p>Eric Stoltz on &quot;Caprica.&quot;</p>

Eric Stoltz on "Caprica."

Credit: Syfy

'Caprica' return moved up to early October

'BSG' prequel was originally set to come back in January

"Caprica" fans were worried about the "Battlestar Galactica" prequel's future when Syfy announced that the second half of season one wouldn't debut until January, more than nine months after the first half ended.

They can worry a little less now, as Syfy today moved the premiere date up to early October.

Season one, part two will now premiere on Tuesday, October 5 at 10 p.m., paired with new episodes of "Stargate Universe." The new date will then bump "Sanctuary" to Fridays at 10 starting on October 15.

“Though we initially announced the January return of Caprica, we still had hopes of finding a way to get the series back on the air sooner,” Syfy exec Mark Stern, said in a statement. “We’ve been able to successfully re-work our schedule, and are thrilled to bring the show back during what is traditionally Syfy’s most-watched time of the year. The outcome should also please fans who expressed their wishes for a shorter mid-season hiatus.”

According to the press release, the new episodes "will transport us from stunningly vivid, twisted Virtual realities to the fascinating outer worlds of the 12 Colonies. Along the way, revolutionary tensions rise, family power shifts and our characters grapple with the physical and emotional consequences of their questionable decisions. As the season races towards its stunning conclusion, each episode lays the groundwork for the inevitable (and brutal) clash between the new Cylon race and its human creators."

I found the first part of the season alternately intriguing and frustrating and am hoping Ron Moore, Jane Espenson and company will move away from some of the weaker elements (Sister Clarice, for instance) in the new batch.

<p>Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal in an episode on the &quot;Sons of Anarchy&quot;&nbsp;season two DVD.</p>

Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal in an episode on the "Sons of Anarchy" season two DVD.

Credit: Prashant Gupta / FX

'Sons of Anarchy,' DVDs and the tight release window

Why are TV-on-DVD sets released so close to the new season?

The other day on the podcast, special guest co-host Mo Ryan and I got to talking about the new season of "Sons of Anarchy," and about whether viewers needed to see both of the first two seasons to appreciate the third, or if they could perhaps get by with just the second. (I'm more of a completist, whereas Mo felt newbies would be okay with starting at season two to save time.) Then Mo asked a question I've heard frequently:

Why are TV-on-DVD box sets usually issued so close to premiere of that show's next season?

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<p>Michael Shannon was one of many &quot;Boardwalk Empire&quot;&nbsp;actors drawn to the opportunity to work with Martin Scorsese.</p>

Michael Shannon was one of many "Boardwalk Empire" actors drawn to the opportunity to work with Martin Scorsese.

Credit: HBO/Abbot Genser

Interview: 'Boardwalk Empire' creator Terence Winter

For 'Sopranos' alum, making a gangster series with Martin Scorsese was 'just a dream come true'

The Prohibition-era gangster epic "Boardwalk Empire," which debuts on HBO on Sept. 19 at 9 p.m., comes with a lot of expectations.

HBO spent a fortune on the pilot episode, up to building a recreation of the famed Atlantic City boardwalk circa 1920 in a Brooklyn parking lot. It's the first episode of scripted television directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese in nearly 25 years (he did an episode of the '80s anthology show "Amazing Stories"), and the first ongoing TV series where he's consented to be a producer. The creator and showrunner is Terence Winter, who was David Chase's number-two man on "The Sopranos" for most of that show's run.

The heavyweight cast includes Steve Buscemi (as a fictionalized version of Atlantic City fixer Nucky Johnson, here called Nucky Thompson), Michael Pitt (Nucky's protege, WWI veteran Jimmy Darmody), Kelly MacDonald (Margaret, an Irish immigrant trapped in an abusive marriage), Michael Shannon (a federal agent with deep religious convictions), Dabney Coleman (Nucky's mentor, the Commodore), Michael K. Williams (Chalky White, Nucky's counterpart in Atlantic City's black community), Michael Stuhlbarg (mobster Arnold Rothstein, who helped fix the 1919 World Series) and more.

The series begins in Atlantic City, but its scope extends to Chicago and real-life gangsters like Johnny Torrio and Al Capone, New York and men like Rothstein and Lucky Luciano, and even down to the White House.

"Boardwalk Empire" is, in short, being asked to help make HBO into HBO again. "True Blood" has become the channel's biggest hit since "The Sopranos," but it's not entirely on-brand for the pay channel. With this setting, cast and creative team, "Boardwalk Empire" feels like a throwback to HBO's glory years of the early-mid '00s, before AMC and FX and Showtime all started chipping away as its position as the pre-eminent creator of prestige drama.

Having seen the first six "Boardwalk" episodes, I can say it lives up to the hype.

I'll have a review next week, but in the meantime, here's a large chunk (with some spoiler-specific stuff held until after various episodes air) of a long interview I did with Winter last month at press tour, where we talked about the many lessons he learned from David Chase, the parallels between 1920 and 2010, the dream of getting to make a period gangster epic with Martin Scorsese directing, and a lot more.

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<p>Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James in &quot;Terriers.&quot;</p>

Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James in "Terriers."

Credit: Jessica Brooks / FX

'Terriers' - 'Pilot': Cheaters sometimes prosper

The buddy detective show gets off to a strong start

FX's "Terriers" debuted tonight, and hopefully my review - or the involvement of people like Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James (whom I recently interviewed) or Shawn Ryan and Ted Griffin (ditto) or Tim Minear - convinced you to give it a shot. Some specific thoughts on the pilot episode coming up just as soon as I get into fisticuffs with a Little League team...

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<p>Louis CK&nbsp;and Pamela Adlon in a scene from last night's &quot;Louie.&quot;</p>

Louis CK and Pamela Adlon in a scene from last night's "Louie."

Credit: FX

'Louie' - 'Gym/Night Out': Here stands a man

A bunch of familiar faces return for the two-part season finale

A review of the two-part season one finale of FX's brilliant "Louie" coming up just as soon as I go back to sleep now...

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<p>Nikita (Maggie Q)&nbsp;in action.</p>

Nikita (Maggie Q) in action.

Credit: The CW

Review: 'Nikita' on the CW

Maggie Q is strong, but this critic's patience for 'Nikita' remakes is weak

As consumers of popular culture, we all have our blind spots and biases - certain kinds of stories we aren’t interested in under any circumstances due to the subject matter, no matter how much we might like it in spite of that.

“Friday Night Lights” has struggled for years to get an audience, in part because many of the people who would enjoy the show’s nuanced characterization and commentary on small-town life want no part of a show about high school football. Fienberg refused for years to watch “The Shield” because he doesn’t like cop shows. One of my favorite blogs, A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago, had a discussion the other day prompted by one of its writers saying he didn’t care how good everyone said “Sons of Anarchy” was, “I just can't get past the fact that I'm not interested in watching a show about a motorcycle club.”

It happens. Sometimes people will look past their blind spots - Dan eventually watched, and loved, “The Shield” after being badgered about it for years - and sometimes they won’t.

And sometimes blind spots aren’t inherent, but are developed over time, as I realized when I sat down to watch the CW’s new spy drama “Nikita,” which debuts tomorrow at 9 p.m.

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<p>Jax (Charlie Hunnam)&nbsp;and Clay (Ron Perlman)&nbsp;on &quot;Sons of Anarchy.&quot;</p>

Jax (Charlie Hunnam) and Clay (Ron Perlman) on "Sons of Anarchy."

Credit: Prashant Gupta / FX

Sons of Anarchy, 'So': Dad's gonna kill me?

Jax struggles to cope with Abel's kidnapping in the third season premiere

"Sons of Anarchy" returned tonight. I posted my broad review of the season's early episodes yesterday, and an interview with creator Kurt Sutter last week. Now it's time to get into the nitty-gritty of the premiere, with spoilers coming up just as soon as I sell you some magazines...

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<p>Tupac Shakur and Mike Tyson were the subject of the latest &quot;30 for 30&quot;&nbsp;documentary.</p>

Tupac Shakur and Mike Tyson were the subject of the latest "30 for 30" documentary.

Credit: ESPN

'30 for 30' - 'One Night in Vegas': When Tupac met Iron Mike

Tyson/Shakur documentary starts strong, then runs out of time

The advantage to "30 for 30" having a regular timeslot is that it's easier to remember when the films are on, to recommend them to other people, etc. The disadvantage is that this new batch of films are all debuting at the same time my schedule is getting bogged down with fall premiere work. So unless a particular film is especially noteworthy (i.e., "Two Escobars" or "No Crossover" or "Winning Time"), my plan is to do brief reviews of each after they air with a few observations, and then open things up for discussion. Some thoughts on Reggie Rock Bythewood's "One Night in Vegas" coming up just as soon as I figure out the difference between Tupac and Six-Pack...

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