<p>Gilmore Girls</p>

Gilmore Girls

Credit: Warner Bros.

Where Netflix leads with a 'Gilmore Girls' revival, will you follow?

'Gilmore' creator Amy Sherman-Palladino may finally get to do the ending she wanted, but should she?

Back in the summer, I acknowledged my own hypocrisy about TV's sequel series craze, admitting that I can't wait for new "X-Files" and "Twin Peaks" episodes, even as I was annoyed that "Heroes," "Full House," "Coach," and seemingly every other TV show ever made was getting a follow-up of some kind.

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Credit: FX

Great moments in TV corpse disposal, from 'Breaking Bad' to 'Fargo'

Who's best at making corpses vanish?

This post contains spoilers for last night's "Fargo," as well as many notable TV dramas of the last 10-15 years.

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Credit: FX

Review: 'Fargo' - 'Before the Law': Meet Mike Milligan

Ed spends a night at the butcher shop, Molly finds a clue, and Hank has a tough traffic stop

A review of tonight's "Fargo" coming up just as soon as I'm the pincher claw...

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<p>Crazy Ex-Girlfriend</p>

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Credit: CW

Review: Can 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' start distancing itself from 'crazy,' 'ex' yet?

Fun songs, and Rachel Bloom's appealing, but that premise needs a hard left turn

A week ago, I decided to wait on review the CW's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" because all I had to go on was the pilot episode, which was a slightly expanded version of the one made when the series was being developed at Showtime, and it felt exactly like that. There were fun musical numbers — star and co-creator Rachel Bloom is, after all, the woman who gave the world "F--k Me, Ray Bradbury" — but it was still clearly a half-hour episode padded out with 10 minutes of filler, and with an off-putting premise the show didn't seem entirely sure if it was taking seriously or spoofing.

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<p>Liv Tyler in The Leftovers</p>

Liv Tyler in The Leftovers

Credit: HBO

Damon Lindelof on last night's complicated 'Leftovers' scene

'I think that we knew exactly what we were getting into'

Last night, I reviewed the third episode of "The Leftovers" season 2. Today, I've got the final bonus feature from my pre-season interview with Damon Lindelof, as we touch on an unnerving moment in an episode full of them, just as soon as my mattress adapts to my contours...

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<p>The Walking Dead</p>

The Walking Dead

Credit: AMC

Review: 'The Walking Dead' - 'JSS': Wolves at the door?

While Rick's out herding zombies, bad things happen in Alexandria

A review of tonight's "The Walking Dead" coming up just as soon as I learn from a cheesemaker...

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<p>The Leftovers</p>

The Leftovers

Credit: HBO

Review: 'The Leftovers' - 'Off Ramp': Wrath of the Guilty Remnant?

Laurie and Tommy try exploring a new path, but will Meg and the Remnant let them?

A review of tonight's "The Leftovers" coming up just as soon as I email my manuscript to myself...

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<p>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</p>

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Credit: FOX

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - 'The Oolong Slayer': Task force ex

Peralta and Holt team up to stop a serial killer — and it's funny!

A review of tonight's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" coming up just as soon as I feel objectified by your male gaze...

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<p>The Simpsons</p>

The Simpsons

Credit: FOX

This Sunday, 'The Simpsons' does something it's somehow never done before

'Treehouse of Horror' comes next week, but this Sunday's 'Halloween of Horror' stands out

When you're "The Simpsons" and you've been around for 27 seasons, and close to 600 episodes, doing something new is almost impossible. For the most part, the show's better latter-day episodes(*) mix and match stories the show has done a half dozen times or more in the past, finding amusing and/or poignant variations on old themes. Last week's Maggie subplot, for instance, featuring the triumphant return of Spider-Pig, had more than a little in common with the Oscar-nominated "Simpsons" short "The Longest Daycare," while the delightful "Cue Detective" episode from two weeks ago was cooked up from ingredients used in many past food-related episodes.

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Credit: CBS

'Supergirl' producers: 'Superman’s not in the show is because it’s not about him

Greg Berlanti and company on the unique challenges and advantages of writing for Superman's cousin

When CBS unveiled the first extended trailer for "Supergirl" — its entree into the ubiquitous new world of TV superhero action, as well as the network's biggest priority for this TV season — in May, many fan's immediate reaction was to note the unfortunate similarities to the recent "Saturday Night Live" parody trailer for a "Black Widow" movie that suggested any female superhero story would be presented as a  romantic comedy.

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