<p>On &quot;The Office,&quot;&nbsp;Michael (Steve Carell)&nbsp;and Jan (Melora Hardin)&nbsp;act out a scene from his movie.</p>

On "The Office," Michael (Steve Carell) and Jan (Melora Hardin) act out a scene from his movie.

Credit: NBC

'The Office' - 'Threat Level Midnight': With a little help from my friends

Michael's brings glimpses of Dunder-Mifflin employees past and present
I'm taking a long weekend and didn't see tonight's "The Office" in advance, so I don't really have time to write up a proper review of "Threat Level Midnight" - which is a shame, because I suspect it's going to be a polarizing episode. So I will simply say two things about it, just as soon as I let you be a robot... 
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<p>LeVar Burton and Donald Glover on &quot;Community.&quot;</p>

LeVar Burton and Donald Glover on "Community."

Credit: NBC

'Community' - 'Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking': Pierce the puppet-master

LeVar Burton guests in a memorably format-breaking episode, but has Pierce's behavior gone too far?

A review of tonight's "Community" coming up just as soon as I bounce a check to Kunta Kinte...

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<p>Julie Bowen, Matt Dillon and Shelley Long on last night's &quot;Modern Family.&quot;</p>

Julie Bowen, Matt Dillon and Shelley Long on last night's "Modern Family."

Credit: ABC

'Modern Family' - 'Princess Party': The return of Fizbo?

Shelley Long, Matt Dillon and Cam's alter ego make Lily's birthday party lively

As I explained in my response to the Slate piece about the state of TV criticism, I stopped writing about "Modern Family" because dealing with many of the comments each week had become thoroughly unpleasant, and I'd rather spend my limited time writing about other shows that weren't such a hassle. That said, it's been about six weeks since the last time I wrote anything about an episode on this blog, and more than two months since my last full-on review, and last night's episode seemed to encapsulate a lot of things that have been bothering me about the show this season, so I have some things to say on that subject.

I will also say right now: if reading a negative review of an episode of television you enjoyed causes you emotional pain, or even just diminishes the viewing experience, please do not click through and read this. This is supposed to be fun, dammit, and I won't be offended. If, on the other hand, you're genuinely curious for my opinion of "Princess Party," and season two to date, and think you can view those opinions as simply that and not some kind of weird vendetta (again, please read this post, in which I address the conspiracy theorists among you), then by all means, follow me to the review, coming up just as soon as I disrespect party themes...

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<p>Richard Blais has a &quot;Top Chef&quot;&nbsp;meeting of the minds with Elmo.</p>

Richard Blais has a "Top Chef" meeting of the minds with Elmo.

Credit: Bravo

'Top Chef' - 'Lock Down': S is for salty, that's bad enough for me

Muppets and Target and sleeplessness, oh my!

A quick review of last night's "Top Chef" coming up just as soon as I'm heckled by Cookie Monster...

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<p>Raylan (Timothy Olyphant)&nbsp;and Winona (Natalie Zea)&nbsp;on &quot;Justified.&quot;</p>

Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) and Winona (Natalie Zea) on "Justified."

Credit: FX

'Justified' - 'The Life Inside': John, coal train

Raylan and Tim try to save a pregnant woman in an solid episode

A review of tonight's "Justified" coming up just as soon as I find a safe way to approach an armed man...

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<p>The new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki, in an aggressive moment on &quot;Friday Night Lights.&quot;</p>

The new Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki, in an aggressive moment on "Friday Night Lights."

Credit: NBC

Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman - when brilliant casting happens to horrible scripts

'Friday Night Lights' alum has all the bonafides, but a David E. Kelley show?

I don't usually write about pilot casting, but news that "Friday Night Lights" alum Adrianne Palicki has been cast in David E. Kelley's "Wonder Woman" pilot for NBC is too fascinating not to.

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<p>Could &quot;Two and a Half Men&quot;&nbsp;get by, even temporarily, without Charlie Sheen?</p>

Could "Two and a Half Men" get by, even temporarily, without Charlie Sheen?

Credit: CBS

At what point does 'Two and a Half Men' try to work without Charlie Sheen?

Why isn't the show considering even a temporary solution to this mess?

Here's the one question I haven't seen a satisfactory answer to in this whole mess involving Charlie Sheen and "Two and a Half Men" that seems to get messier by the day:

Why does no one at the show seem willing to consider the idea of seeing - either in the short or long term - if the show can work without Sheen?

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<p>&quot;Survivor&quot;&nbsp;repeater Russell Hantz.</p>

"Survivor" repeater Russell Hantz.

Credit: CBS

Does 'Survivor' have a Russell addiction?

Even with his popularity, is 3 appearances in 4 seasons too much?

I look at "Survivor" bringing Russell Hantz back for the third time in four seasons in much the same way Yankee fans looked at George Steinbrenner rehiring Billy Martin for a third, fourth and fifth time. Just because something worked once upon a time doesn't mean it's going to keep on working, and insistence on going back to that well over and over suggests a franchise that fundamentally doesn't know what to do any more to recapture past glory.

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<p>Josh Charles and Julianna Margulies on last night's &quot;The Good Wife.&quot;</p>

Josh Charles and Julianna Margulies on last night's "The Good Wife."

Credit: CBS

'The Good Wife' - 'Net Work': Ripped from the Sorkin

Did a 'Social Network'-inspired story stick too close to the facts?

A few thoughts on last night's "The Good Wife" coming up just as soon as I take off my shoe...

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<p>Lights (Holt McCallany)&nbsp;faces off against his newest opponent on &quot;Lights Out.&quot;</p>

Lights (Holt McCallany) faces off against his newest opponent on "Lights Out."

Credit: FX

'Light Out' - 'Combinations': (Blurry) eye of the tiger

Lights' comeback doesn't come easy

A review of tonight's "Lights Out" coming up just as soon as I gift wrap a walker...

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