<p>Rami Malek and Craig Robinson in Mr. Robot</p>

Rami Malek and Craig Robinson in Mr. Robot

Credit: USA

Review: Elliot goes to war with 'Mr. Robot' in the riveting season 2 premiere

What happens in the wake of the Evil Corp hack?

Mr. Robot has returned for a second season. I already published some spoiler-free thoughts on tonight's two-hour premiere, so now it's time to get into the specifics, coming up just as soon as I've discovered Seinfeld...

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<p>Winona Ryder in Stranger Things</p>

Winona Ryder in Stranger Things

Credit: Netflix

Review: Netflix's 'Stranger Things' basks in '80s nostalgia, doesn't drown in it

A salute to the works of Spielberg, King, and Carpenter takes on a life of its own

Nostalgia rules the pop culture universe. No old property is too obscure or lame to be considered for a revival or reboot these days (I eagerly await announcement of the Just One of the Guys Cinematic Universe). Belated additions to the Star Wars and Rocky franchises were adored even though (or because) they were beat-for-beat remakes of the original films. The hot new app that has all your friends braving the sun in order to catch Charmanders and Zubats is based on a cartoon from the '90s.

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<p>Rami Malek and Christian Slater in Mr. Robot</p>

Rami Malek and Christian Slater in Mr. Robot

Credit: USA

Review: Rami Malek continues to amaze in 'Mr. Robot' season 2

Last summer's phenomenon is still strong

When a TV show becomes a phenomenon in its first season like Mr. Robot did(*), there's always some concern leading into the second. Will the elements that made it distinct at first still feel special after we've had a year to get used to its tricks? Do this world and these characters have enough story in them to last many seasons, or did the creative team exhaust all their ideas early on? Are we about to get a sophomore slump like True Detective, or a sophomore surge like Fargo?

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<p>Riz Ahmed in &quot;The Beach&quot;</p>

Riz Ahmed in "The Beach"

Credit: HBO

Review: 'The Night Of' gets off to a breathless start with 'The Beach'

A nightmare? A sick joke? Both?

Earlier this week, I published my rave review of HBO's new miniseries The Night Of, and I'm going to put it into the weekly review rotation for its run, starting with thoughts on the first episode, coming up just as soon as I can name two Yankees headed for the Hall of Fame...

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<p>Jackie Earle Haley in Preacher</p>

Jackie Earle Haley in Preacher

Credit: AMC

Review: 'Preacher' begins moving things forward with 'He Gone'

Minimal crazy action, but the strongest overall episode so far

A review of tonight's Preacher coming up just as soon as I think your favorite movie star is Ryan Phillippe...

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<p>Game of Thrones</p>

Game of Thrones

Credit: HBO

Ask Alan: What TV shows quickly outgrew their titles?

Should more shows be produced live? What shows' titles stopped making sense?

Happy Friday, everybody! Time for a new Ask Alan. In this week's installment, I discuss the difficulty of producing TV shows live, highlight some TV shows whose titles stopped making sense as they moved away from the initial premise, and — while shamelessly plugging the upcoming release of my new book (available for preorder now!) — speculate on where Game of Thrones might rank in the TV Hall of Fame if it finishes well.

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<p>Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend</p>

Rachel Bloom in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Credit: CW

Stream this in the summer: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

The CW's new Netflix deal gives you a great chance to catch up on fun musical comedy

In my early days on the beat, NBC had an ad campaign encouraging people to watch summer reruns, promising, "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!" In the age of Peak TV, that slogan seems less cynical than accurate. The rise of streaming services have put the bulk of TV history only a click or two away, which means that people are constantly discovering The Wire, or Arrested Development, or Terriers (sigh) for the very first time.

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<p>Riz Ahmed and John Turturro in &quot;The Night Of.&quot;</p>

Riz Ahmed and John Turturro in "The Night Of."

Credit: HBO

Review: 'The Night Of' is the great drama HBO very badly needs right now

John Turturro replaces the late James Gandolfini in Richard Price/Steve Zaillian miniseries

There's his name about a minute into the opening credits of The Night Of: James Gandolfini.

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Credit: AMC

Review: After another wild fight scene, 'Preacher' keeps dragging its heels

When is Jesse going to move onto the next phase of things?

A review of tonight's Preacher coming up just as soon as I have a beer at 10 in the morning...

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Credit: HBO

Ask Alan: Was 'Vinyl' the biggest flop in TV history?

And how does Alan come up with the 'just as soon as I' intro line to reviews?

Happy Friday, everybody! We went into a small amount of bonus time for this week's Ask Alan, as I tried to hit two different Game of Thrones questions at the end, after first discussing alternatives to Vinyl as TV's biggest flop ever, and going inside baseball to talk about my process for choosing the "just as soon as I" intro line to each of my reviews.

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