<p>Michael Scott (Steve Carell) says goodbye to &quot;The Office&quot; tomorrow night.</p>

Michael Scott (Steve Carell) says goodbye to "The Office" tomorrow night.

Credit: NBC

'The Office': Saying goodbye to Michael Scott

Tracing the evolution of Michael from jerk to beloved boss

At the end of last week's "The Office," the next-to-last episode featuring Steve Carell as Michael Scott, the office staff came together to serenade Michael with their own version of "Seasons of Love" from "Rent," lovingly listing all the minutes he worked at Dunder-Mifflin, and then all the minutes they in turn spent in his pointless meetings, listening to his corny jokes, reading his e-mail forwards, etc.

It was an extraordinary moment in the life of the series. It was sweet and clever and incredibly touching (Carell was so obviously choked up that you could easily take his reaction as that of the actor or character). It was also the exact perfect gift the staff could give Michael, who had spent the better part of seasons trying to drag his employees kicking and screaming into his fantasies of the office as both a surrogate family and a place where he could sing, dance, tell jokes, do characters and generally have his genius for performing acknowledged.

And that was the most extraordinary thing at all. Because if you go back to the early days of "The Office," it is hard to imagine a circumstance under which Jim, Pam, Oscar, Ryan and the rest of the gang would have not only done this, but done this out of genuine affection for Michael and sadness that he was leaving them.

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<p>A review of Steve Carell's final &quot;The Office&quot;&nbsp;will probably have to wait a while.</p>
<br />

A review of Steve Carell's final "The Office" will probably have to wait a while.

Credit: NBC

Programming note: Away for a bit

Family business interrupting coverage

We've had a death in the family, so I need to go away for a few days at a minimum. I'm always working a bit ahead on some shows, so there are reviews of "Justified," "Parks and Recreation," "Doctor Who," "Game of Thrones," "The Killing," "Treme" and a couple of other things set to publish in the next few days (including the rescheduled version of my latest "Friday Night Lights" review), and both my RSS feed and Twitter should be automated to put out links to those within an hour or two of when they publish. (If you're a fan of one of the shows I listed, just check the blog within a few minutes of when it finishes airing on the East Coast, and hopefully they should all auto-publish with relative promptness.)

Beyond that, though, I'm gonna miss a bunch of episodes of things while I'm away, and - with the exception of Steve Carell's last "The Office" (I already wrote a few farewell pieces about it, and will try to cover the episode itself after I'm back on duty) - will likely just skip ahead to the next new episode of things whenever I return.

Back in a while. Please play nice with each other while I'm gone.

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<p>Eddie Izzard in &quot;United States of Tara.&quot;</p>

Eddie Izzard in "United States of Tara."

Credit: Showtime

'United States of Tara' - 'Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir': The no-win scenario?

Tara and her teacher team up, while the alters learn order

A quick review of tonight's "United States of Tara" coming up just as soon as I put a dress on a tree and take it to the movies...

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Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 70: Steve Carell leaves 'The Office,' 'The Voice' & more

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 70: Steve Carell leaves 'The Office,' 'The Voice' & more

Alan and Dan also talk about 'Archer,' 'Survivor,' and a lot of other shows


It's Monday, which means it's time for a new Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, in which Dan and I look back over Steve Carell's tenure on "The Office," talk a bit about NBC's "The Voice" and the state of "American Idol," and answer a bunch of your mail. 

The run-down: 

Steve Carell's "Office" departure -- 01:15 - 21:25
"The Voice"/"American Idol" -- 21:30 - 36:30
Listener Mail:
"Archer" - 36:40 -- 42:30
Boston Rob's "Survivor" performance -- 42:40 - 48:00
Points of disagreement -- 48:20 - 52:20
Quick cancellations, particularly "Paul Reiser Show" -- 52:20 - 56:38
TV shows course-correcting -- 56:40 -  01:01:00
Successful and unsuccessful shows using locations -- 01:01:00 - 01:09:30
As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file or stream it on Dan's blog.
And as always, feel free to e-mail us at sepinwall@hitfix.com and/or dan@hitfix.com if you have questions you want answered on the show. Please put the word "podcast" in your subject line to make it easy to track them down amid the hundreds of random press releases we get every day.
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<p>Phyllis Montana-Leblanc and Wendell Pierce in &quot;Treme.&quot;</p>

Phyllis Montana-Leblanc and Wendell Pierce in "Treme."

Credit: HBO

'Treme' - 'Accentuate the Positive': Home and away

Things are looking up for some, down for others, in the season 2 premiere

"Treme" is back for a new season. I offered a general review of the new season back on Wednesday, and now I have some thoughts on the season two premiere coming up just as soon as I use the word "minstrel"...

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<p>Brent Sexton in &quot;The Killing.&quot;</p>

Brent Sexton in "The Killing."

Credit: AMC

'The Killing' - 'Super 8': Bits 'n pieces

Linden and Holder investigate Rosie's teacher in a slow-moving episode

A review of tonight's "The Killing" coming up just as soon as I've had enough of the Tickle-Me Elmo...

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<p>Maisie Williams and Sean Bean in &quot;Game of Thrones.&quot;</p>

Maisie Williams and Sean Bean in "Game of Thrones."

Credit: HBO

'Game of Thrones' - 'The Kingsroad: Lie down with dogs

Parents and children hit the road, together and apart, in episode two

A review of episode 2 of "Game of Thrones" coming up just as soon as I speak for the grotesques...

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<p>Alex Kingston, Arthur Darvill, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in &quot;Doctor Who.&quot;</p>

Alex Kingston, Arthur Darvill, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in "Doctor Who."

Credit: BBC

'Doctor Who' - 'The Impossible Astronaut': A death in Monument Valley

The Doctor comes to America in the season premiere

The new season of "Doctor Who" has begun (both here and in the UK), and after posting a bunch of interviews with Matt Smith, Alex Kingston and Karen Gillan, I finally have a review of the premiere coming up just as soon as we've done Jim the Fish...

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<p>Eric Martsolf as Booster Gold on &quot;Smallville.&quot;</p>

Eric Martsolf as Booster Gold on "Smallville."

Credit: CW

'Smallville' - 'Booster': The red & the blue vs. the blue & the gold

A pair of DC Comics heroes show up as Clark learns to be nerdy

I don't believe I've ever done a blog post on "Smallville," in part because I can't remember the last time I actually watched an episode of "Smallville." But I gave "Booster" a try, because the episode was written by top DC Comics scribe Geoff Johns, because it featured the introduction of two of my favorite lesser-known DC characters in Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle, and because we're close enough to the finish line that I wanted to see how the show was approaching the inevitable, long-delayed moment when Clark Kent becomes Superman. And I have a few thoughts - and then some questions for those of you who are still watching this show after all these years - coming up just as soon as I get you a soda...

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<p>Coach (Kyle Chandler)&nbsp;contemplates a problem on &quot;Friday Night Lights.&quot;</p>

Coach (Kyle Chandler) contemplates a problem on "Friday Night Lights."

Credit: NBC/DirecTV

'Friday Night Lights' - 'On the Outside Looking In': An epic of Epyck epicness?

The underdog stories continue, as no one in East Dillon is quite fitting in

(I originally posted this review back when "Friday Night Lights" was doing its exclusive DirecTV run. The comments from that period have been preserved. For the sake of people who are watching the episodes as they air on NBC, I will ask anyone commenting from this point forward to only discuss plot events up to the episode in question. Do not discuss, or even allude to, anything that has yet to air on NBC. Thank you.)

"Friday Night Lights" season five continues, and I have a review of tonight's episode coming up just as soon as I trade my pig for you...

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