<p>Walt (Bryan Cranston)&nbsp;and Skyler (Anna Gunn)&nbsp;contemplate an offer on &quot;Breaking Bad.&quot;</p>

Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Skyler (Anna Gunn) contemplate an offer on "Breaking Bad."

Credit: AMC

'Breaking Bad' - 'Open House': Makin' it rain

Jesse and Marie are running in place, while Hank and Skyler make breakthroughs

A review of tonight's "Breaking Bad" coming up just as soon as  I get a lifetime supply of french manicures and enzyme peels...

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<p>If nothing else, tonight's &quot;True Blood&quot; gave us a good scene with Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll).</p>

If nothing else, tonight's "True Blood" gave us a good scene with Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll).

Credit: HBO

'True Blood' - 'I Wish I Was the Moon': The one true death?

Tommy learns a new shape, Jessica helps Jason and Bill makes a call

You know the deal with me and "True Bloodby now: I watch each episode, then largely step out of the way so y'all can discuss it here at least until Leslie Gornstein posts her recap at our Monkeys as Critics blog.

If you've been reading what little I have to say about the show these days, you're probably not at all surprised that my favorite scene of the episode involved Jessica. Deborah Ann Woll remains a woefully underutilized resource on this show, and her conversation with Jason was a reminder of how good she can be, and how much better the show can at times be when it focuses on the handful of characters who aren't just completely ridiculous and stupid.

So talk about that, about witches and snakes and shifters and all the rest.

<p>&quot;Doctor Who&quot;&nbsp;star Matt Smith at Comic-Con.</p>

"Doctor Who" star Matt Smith at Comic-Con.

Watch: 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith at Comic-Con

How did the Eleventh Doctor react to his first trip to San Diego?

Time for the third and final "Doctor Who" video interview I conducted at Comic-Con, this time with the Doctor himself, Matt Smith.

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<p>&quot;Doctor Who&quot;&nbsp;co-star Karen Gillan at Comic-Con.</p>

"Doctor Who" co-star Karen Gillan at Comic-Con.

Watch: 'Doctor Who' co-star Karen Gillan at Comic-Con

How did she find out about River's true identity?

Time for the second of the three "Doctor Who" video interviews I conducted at Comic-Con, this time with co-star Karen Gillan.

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<p>Kevin Clash and Elmo in &quot;Being Elmo.&quot;</p>

Kevin Clash and Elmo in "Being Elmo."

Credit: PBS

Press tour: PBS' 'Being Elmo' live-blog

Kevin Clash meets the press

TV critics tend to be a weary, cynical lot, but you wouldn't know it by the atmosphere in the room for this morning's press tour session for "Being Elmo," a documentary about "Sesame Street" puppeteer Kevin Clash that PBS will air as part of "Independent Lens" in April 2012. Critics eagerly lined up to pose for photos with Clash and Elmo (full disclosure: I have small kids, and therefore was not immune to such an offer), laughed at Clash's gift for improv (when I mentioned that my daughter is a big fan of the show, Elmo replied, "Yeah, I watch it too!") and were generally charmed by the whole thing. (It helped that some of the local reporters brought their kids, who spent the entire thing either cackling hysterically or just smiling at the greatest thing they had ever seen.)

I'll be live-blogging the "Being Elmo" panel.

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<p>&quot;Doctor Who&quot;&nbsp;writer Toby Whithouse at Comic-Con.</p>

"Doctor Who" writer Toby Whithouse at Comic-Con.

Watch: 'Doctor Who' writer Toby Whithouse at Comic-Con

What's it like for a fan to grow up and write for the Doctor?

Yesterday was a day for "Fringe" video interviews from Comic-Con. Now it's a "Doctor Who" day, featuring three interviews, starting with writer Toby Whithouse.

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<p>&quot;Fringe&quot;&nbsp;co-stars John Noble and Anna Torv at Comic-Con.</p>

"Fringe" co-stars John Noble and Anna Torv at Comic-Con.

Watch: 'Fringe' co-stars Anna Torv & John Noble at Comic-Con

What did they learn from playing mirror universe versions of themselves?

Time for the last of the video interviews I conducted with the "Fringe" cast at Comic-Con, this time a duet between John Noble and Anna Torv.

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<p>Seth Gabel from &quot;Fringe&quot;&nbsp;at Comic-Con.</p>

Seth Gabel from "Fringe" at Comic-Con.

Watch: 'Fringe' co-star Seth Gabel at Comic-Con

When did the newest cast regular realize this might be a full-time gig?

Time for our next-to-last "Fringe" video interview from Comic-Con, this time featuring the show's newest regular castmember, Seth Gabel.

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<p>&quot;Fringe&quot;&nbsp;co-star Lance Reddick at Comic-Con.</p>

"Fringe" co-star Lance Reddick at Comic-Con.

Watch: 'Fringe' co-star Lance Reddick at Comic-Con

How has Broyles changed over the years, and does Reddick like that?

Here's the third of the video interviews I did with the "Fringe" cast at Comic-Con, this time featuring the show's resident authority figure, Lance Reddick.

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<p>Pearl Jam.</p>

Pearl Jam.

Credit: PBS

Press tour: PBS' 'Pearl Jam Twenty' live-blog

Cameron Crowe discusses his documentary about the iconic grunge band

Cameron Crowe is here at press tour to discuss his film "Pearl Jam Twenty," which debuts on PBS' "American Masters" on October 21. I got to see the film last night, and while we're embargoed from discussing it in detail until September, I can say that I thought it was fantastic, and reminded me of how much I loved Pearl Jam back when I was in college in the early-mid '90s heyday. So I'm going to live-blog the panel.

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