Hannah Simone and Zooey Deschanel in "New Girl."
Hannah Simone and Zooey Deschanel in "New Girl."
Credit: FOX

The Morning Round-Up: 'New Girl,' 'Raising Hope,' 'Terra Nova' & 'The Good Wife'

Romantic tension, blackouts and cupcakes, oh my!

With all of ABC's comedies pre-empted last night by the CMA Awards, this seems a good time to catch up briefly on some other shows it took me a while to clear off the DVR. Quick reviews of, in order, "New Girl," "Raising Hope," "Terra Nova" and "The Good Wife" coming up just as soon as I laugh in the face of thousands of years of samurai culture...

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<p>New &quot;The Office&quot;&nbsp;bosses Ed Helms and James Spader haven't been bringing the funny.</p>

New "The Office" bosses Ed Helms and James Spader haven't been bringing the funny.

Credit: NBC

Review: 'The Office' struggles to find its center post-Steve Carell

Ed Helms, James Spader not bringing enough laughs to the comedy's new incarnation

When Steve Carell announced that last season would be his last with "The Office," he presented that show's producers with both a horrible dilemma and a tremendous opportunity.

For so many years, Carell was "The Office," and it was easy to understand the sentiment from those who insisted the show should end when he left, even as it was clear that struggling NBC wouldn't cancel one of its few remaining hits.

At the same time, here was an aging sitcom, which like so many before it had begun repeating itself, which had arguably exhausted most of the comic potential of the Michael Scott character. There was no rule that said the office couldn't have a new boss, someone very different from Michael, who might give this great comedy a chance to reinvent itself in the way that "Cheers" did when Kirstie Alley succeeded Shelley Long, or that "M*A*S*H" managed to do with each of its cast changes.

We've now seen six episodes of the first post-Carell season (plus a handful of episodes last spring where the producers and characters were trying to figure out who would run the branch without Michael), and unfortunately it's hard to argue so far with the people who wanted the show to end with Michael's departure.

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<p>The Braverman women (Erika Christensen, Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham)&nbsp;attend a &quot;Parenthood&quot;&nbsp;party.</p>

The Braverman women (Erika Christensen, Mae Whitman and Lauren Graham) attend a "Parenthood" party.

Credit: NBC

'Parenthood' - 'In-Between': Don't you want somebody to love?

Kristina's jealous of Adam's hot receptionist, and Amber makes Seth an ultimatum

A review of last night's "Parenthood" coming up just as soon as I bore you with a story about Jefferson Airplane...

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<p>Maggie Siff on &quot;Sons of Anarchy.&quot;</p>

Maggie Siff on "Sons of Anarchy."

Credit: FX

'Sons of Anarchy' - 'Hands': This old man

The club and several characters reach the point of no return in a fantastic episode

A review of tonight's "Sons of Anarchy" coming up just as soon as I give you until after "The Jetsons" to decide...

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<p>A scene from &quot;Vietnam in HD.&quot;</p>

A scene from "Vietnam in HD."

Credit: History

Review: History's 'Vietnam in HD'

'WWII in HD' sequel feels a little too familiar

Two years ago, History managed to find the sweet spot between its unofficial identity as The World War II Channel and the increasing popularity of exotic hi-def programming with "WWII in HD," a five-night miniseries featuring digitally-restored color footage from World War II. That was a success, so tonight through Thursday at 9, we get the sequel: "Vietnam in HD," six hours over three nights with a similar collection of eye-popping restored footage.

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<p>Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel in &quot;How I&nbsp;Met Your Mother.&quot;</p>

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel in "How I Met Your Mother."

Credit: CBS

'How I Met Your Mother' - 'Disaster Averted': Slap schtick

The gang survives Hurricane Irene and Barney turns to the slap bet to get out of the duckie tie bet

A review of tonight's "How I Met Your Mother" coming up just as soon as I get up and say I'm going to star in a YouTube video...

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<p>There is no truth to the rumor that Clay Morrow had to &quot;persuade&quot;&nbsp;FX&nbsp;execs into adding an additional episode to &quot;Sons of Anarchy&quot; season 4.</p>

There is no truth to the rumor that Clay Morrow had to "persuade" FX execs into adding an additional episode to "Sons of Anarchy" season 4.

Credit: FX

FX gives 'Sons of Anarchy' a bonus episode for season 4

With 14 episodes, season finale will now air December 6

A while back on Twitter, "Sons of Anarchy" creator Kurt Sutter started lamenting the difficulty he was facing squeezing all the plot he needed for the end of season 4 into one last episode, even if it was a 90-minute long one the way the show's finales have traditionally been.

FX has solved that problem for him by agreeing to add an additional episode to the season, bringing the total to 14, which now puts the finale on December 6.

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<p>Amy Poehler and Adam Scott in a scene from this week's &quot;Parks and Recreation.&quot;</p>
<br />

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott in a scene from this week's "Parks and Recreation."

Credit: NBC

HitFix First Look: Leslie and Ben mock it up on 'Parks and Recreation'

Can the two ex-lovers make peace while working on a model UN?

"Parks and Recreation" is coming off one of the best episodes in the show's run to date, and one of the things that made it special was the way it finally addressed Leslie and Ben's feelings about what had seemed like the cleanest, most amicable break-up of all time. 

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<p>Margot Robbie and Gaius Charles in &quot;Pan Am.&quot;</p>

Margot Robbie and Gaius Charles in "Pan Am."

Credit: ABC

The Morning Round-Up: 'Pan Am' and 'Once Upon a Time'

The stewardesses battle racism and communism, while Snow White and Prince Charming meet cute

It's time for another morning round-up, in which I have brief thoughts on the most recent episodes of "Pan Am" and "Once Upon a Time," coming up just as soon as I borrow your uniform...

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<p>Sgt. Brody (Damian Lewis)&nbsp;on &quot;Homeland.&quot;</p>

Sgt. Brody (Damian Lewis) on "Homeland."

Credit: Showtime

'Homeland' - 'The Good Soldier': Hello, Larry

Carrie tries to use a polygraph expert to trap Brody

A review of tonight's "Homeland" coming up just as soon as I'm a victim of your fabulousness...

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