<p>Larry Sanders Show</p>

Larry Sanders Show

Credit: Darryl Estrine/HBO

Goodbye to Garry Shandling, who gave us the greatest TV show about a TV show

The star and co-creator of 'The Larry Sanders Show' and 'It's Garry Shandling's Show' was 66

Of the many many TV shows over the years that were about TV shows, Garry Shandling didn't just co-create and star in the very best, he starred in two of the very best.

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Credit: FX

How Zach Galifianakis's 'Baskets' turned out to be a great oddball TV show

The saddest of sad clown comedies concludes its first season tonight on FX

"Don't be sad, okay?" Chip Baskets' estranged wife Penelope tells him early in tonight's Baskets season finale on FX. "You're not that kind of clown."

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Credit: ABC

'Nashville' is about to do something VERY strange behind the scenes

Why would the 'thirtysomething' guys take over the show?

Last night, an odd bit of TV news popped up: according to TVLine, thirtysomething creators Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick have been hired to run the fifth season of Nashville.

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<p>Matthew Rhys in The Americans</p>

Matthew Rhys in The Americans

Credit: FX

Review: 'The Americans' tries to solve a problem like 'Pastor Tim'

Philip and Elizabeth look for an impossible solution, while Nina risks everything for Baklanov

A review of tonight's The Americans coming up just as soon as I like you better as a blonde...

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<p>The People v. O.J. Simpson</p>

The People v. O.J. Simpson

Credit: FX

Review: 'The People v. O.J. Simpson' goes crazy with 'A Jury in Jail'

The 24 angry men and women take center stage this week

A review of tonight's The People v. O.J. Simpson coming up just as soon as we vote on whether we're going to watch Martin or Seinfeld...

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<p>Happy Valley</p>

Happy Valley

Credit: Netflix

Review: 'Happy Valley' season 2 follows up a tough first act incredibly well

Sarah Lancashire remains a powerhouse as Yorkshire cop Catherine Cawood

(This column discusses the new season of Happy Valley in general terms at first; spoilers come towards the end, and will have a warning when you get there.)

Catherine Cawood is too tired for your bullshit.

Of the many traits that define Catherine, the heroine of the great British cop drama Happy Valley, her implacable world-weariness stands out the most. Catherine (played wonderfully by Sarah Lancashire) checks many familiar cop hero boxes, particularly in the way she's constantly being reined in by bosses who know less about the streets than she does, but where that usually manifests itself in some mix of rage and self-righteousness, with Catherine, it's always quiet exasperation. She has been through every situation, witnessed — and, in some cases, endured — every potential tragedy, and if she's short with you, it's because she can't believe you won't just take her advice when she so generously offers it.

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<p>Horace and Pete</p>

Horace and Pete

Credit: Louis C.K.

How 'Horace and Pete' combines the best parts of live theater and serialized TV

Pete gets bad news in another great episode

A few thoughts on this week's Horace and Pete coming up just as soon as I come down from an acid trip...

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<p>Better Call Saul</p>

Better Call Saul

Credit: AMC

Review: On 'Better Call Saul,' Mike and Kim struggle with half-measures

More familiar 'Breaking Bad' faces turn up in 'Bali Ha'i'

A review of tonight's Better Call Saul coming up just as soon as I lay down my new Welcome mat...

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<p>Jon Bernthal as the Punisher in Daredevil</p>

Jon Bernthal as the Punisher in Daredevil

Credit: Netflix

'Daredevil' season 2: Reviewing every episode

Stronger on the Punisher half than the Elektra half, for sure

Last week, I published my review of the first half of Daredevil season 2. Over the weekend, I watched the remaining six episodes, and I have some more thoughts — first general, non-spoiler ones, followed by more specific and spoiler-filled thoughts on each episode — coming up just as soon as I inherit the tapes with the car...

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<p>The Walking Dead</p>

The Walking Dead

Credit: AMC

Review: Did anything that happened on tonight's 'Walking Dead' make sense?

Denise and Eugene go 'Twice as Far' to prove their worth in a disjointed episode

A review of tonight's The Walking Dead coming up just as soon as dibs is dibs...

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