<p>Terry Kinney and Adam Goldberg in &quot;NYC&nbsp;22.&quot;</p>

Terry Kinney and Adam Goldberg in "NYC 22."

Credit: CBS

Review: CBS' 'NYC 22' a disappointingly generic cop drama

Adam Goldberg and Leelee Sobieski play rookie cops in series created by Richard Price
CBS' "NYC 22" (Sunday at 10 p.m.) is one of the last new series to debut on the broadcast networks this season. Looking back on some of the swill we were served earlier in the season — "Work It," "The Playboy Club," "I Hate My Teenage Daughter," etc. — it's far, far from the worst member of the freshman class. But it's among the most disappointing.
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<p>Britten (Jason Isaacs)&nbsp;interviews a victim's sister in &quot;Awake.&quot;</p>

Britten (Jason Isaacs) interviews a victim's sister in "Awake."

Credit: NBC

'Awake' - 'Ricky's Tacos': Red world, green card

Britten prepares to move, while the show returns to the conspiracy theory

A review of last night's "Awake" coming up just as soon as I melt a dead body out of concrete...

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<p>Will Arnett and Christina Applegate in the &quot;Up All Night&quot; season finale.</p>

Will Arnett and Christina Applegate in the "Up All Night" season finale.

Credit: NBC

The Morning Round-Up: '30 Rock' & 'Up All Night'

Jack's mother comes to town, while Chris wants to re-propose to Reagan

It's morning round-up time, with brief reviews of last night's "30 Rock" and the "Up All Night" season finale, coming up just as soon as I put on my galoshes and go eat some fruit, like a Frenchman...

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<p>The study group tries to save Britta from herself on &quot;Community.&quot;</p>

The study group tries to save Britta from herself on "Community."

Credit: NBC

'Community' - 'Origins of Vampire Mythology': Shameless

Britta needs Annie's help staying away from an old flame, while Pierce befriends Chang

A review of tonight's "Community" coming up just as soon as I need help reacting to something...

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<p>Even Troy and Abed can't quite believe &quot;Community&quot;&nbsp;won Hulu's Best in Show contest.</p>

Even Troy and Abed can't quite believe "Community" won Hulu's Best in Show contest.

Credit: NBC

'Community' wins Hulu's Best in Show 2012

Human Beings edge out zombies in final battle with 'The Walking Dead'

We have a winner in Hulu's Best in Show contest for 2012, and it's... "Community." The Human Beings of Greendale eked out a victory over the zombies of "The Walking Dead" in the final round of the fan contest.

With "Chuck" no longer in contention (or existence), I assumed "Community" would steamroll its way through the whole contest, but credit to Glen Mazzara and the many "Walking Dead" fans who kept on campaigning and voting for their show in this and every previous round. Even with most of the "Community" cast repeatedly tweeting to their fans to vote, it was still a 51-49 margin.

I don't think these results will factor into NBC's renewal decision, as they know by now how crazy passionate the "Community" audience is — and also how small it is. If it comes back, it'll be for other reasons, just as it was a coincidence that "Chuck" got to come back for one final season after winning last year. But I'd still be happy to see that coincidence repeat itself.

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<p>Jane Levy and Parker Young in &quot;Suburgatory.&quot;</p>

Jane Levy and Parker Young in "Suburgatory."

Credit: ABC

'Suburgatory' - 'Down Time': Let's go to the mattresses

Lisa and Malik date, Dallas and Dalia cope with depression, and Tessa eats some butter

A review of last night's "Suburgatory" coming up just as soon as I wear a belt made of staples that go into my skin...

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<p>Lena Dunham in &quot;Girls.&quot;</p>

Lena Dunham in "Girls."

Credit: HBO

Review: HBO's 'Girls' brilliantly channels Lena Dunham's comic voice

A smart, hilarious look at the lives of four New York friends
Our first impression of Hannah Horvath, the heroine of HBO's new comedy "Girls" (Sunday at 10:30 p.m.), isn't an incredibly positive one. We first see her as she's shoveling pasta into her mouth with the gusto of someone who eats more than she should, but also doesn't eat this well except when her parents are picking up the check. And as her parents tell her that, two years after graduating college, they're going to stop subsidizing her life as a would-be writer in Brooklyn, Hannah grows hilariously indignant, telling them "I could be a drug addict! Do you realize how lucky you are?" before announcing that she won't have time to see them again on her trip because "I am busy — trying to become who I am!"
Your average television show cares very much about making a good first impression. It wants you to like its main characters, to show you why they're awesome before it even allows for the tiniest possibility that they might have flaws you'll learn to accept because you've already come to love them. But "Girls" is not your average television show — it may, in fact, be the best new HBO comedy since "Curb Your Enthusiasm" — and it takes the exact opposite approach. It introduces you to Hannah and her friends by focusing on how annoying, selfish, myopic and clumsy they can be, and then it makes you love them in spite of all that.
It's a trick not many veteran TV show creators could pull off, but 25-year-old Lena Dunham does it on her first time out.
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<p>Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter in &quot;Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23.&quot;</p>

Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter in "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23."

Credit: ABC

'Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23': But do trust the Beek from the Creek?

What did everybody think of the new ABC comedy?

I posted my review of ABC's "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23" yesterday. Now it's your turn. Did you trust and/or like the bitch? Dreama Walker as her roommate? The pervy neighbor? The crazy ex-roommate? James Van Der Beek as James Van Der Beek?(*) Was the show too cartoonish, or just right? And will you watch again? 

(*) Fienberg interviewed The Beek yesterday.

Have at it.

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<p>Zooey Deschanel and Dermot Mulroney in &quot;New Girl.&quot;</p>

Zooey Deschanel and Dermot Mulroney in "New Girl."

Credit: FOX

'New Girl' - 'Normal': I wanna dip my balls in it!

Russell spends a night at the loft, while Winston starts a new job

A review of last night's "New Girl" — which was renewed for a second season earlier this week — coming up just as soon as I remember to use one of the baller metals in my design...

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<p>Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in &quot;Justified.&quot;</p>

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in "Justified."

Credit: FX

Season finale review: 'Justified' - 'Slaughterhouse'

Raylan's enemies and allies come together for a bloody final showdown

"Justified" just wrapped up its third season. I interviewed showrunner Graham Yost about the season, and I have a review of the finale coming up just as soon as I like the use of "cahoots"...

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