<p>Holly Taylor as Paige in &quot;The Americans.&quot;</p>

Holly Taylor as Paige in "The Americans."

Credit: FX

Review: 'The Americans' - 'Stealth'

Kate has a visitor, Oleg learns more about Nina and Philip makes a new friend

A review of tonight's "The Americans" coming up just as soon as the FBI has its own comic books...

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<p>&quot;Enlisted&quot; was canceled.</p>

"Enlisted" was canceled.

Credit: FOX

FOX cancels 'Enlisted,' 'Surviving Jack' & 'Dads'

'Rake' also reportedly got the ax on a bloody Wednesday

It was a bloody Wednesday at FOX, which canceled freshman comedies "Enlisted," "Surviving Jack" and "Dads." (First-year legal drama "Rake" has also reportedly gotten the final nail in the coffin, but FOX would not confirm this. Either way, it's not coming back.)

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Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 229: 'New Girl,' 'The Mindy Project,' 'Mad Men' & more
Credit: AMC

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 229: 'New Girl,' 'The Mindy Project,' 'Mad Men' & more

Dan and Alan also answer mail about revived '00s series and rules for adaptations


Happy Wednesday, and time for a Firewall & Iceberg podcast in which Dan and I do a little more upfront previewing, answer your mail, break down last night's "New Girl" and "Mindy Project" finales, then discuss all the tension on "Mad Men" (and fess up as non-fans of "2001").  

Most likely next week's podcast will be on Thursday due to upfront madness, but we'll see.

The rundown: 

Today's podcast breakdown:
Pre-upfronts update (00:00:50 - 00:07:20)
Listener Mail: "The Comeback" (00:07:30 - 00:13:25)
Listener Mail: Adaptations (00:13:30 - 00:17:30)
"New Girl" finale (00:17:40 - 00:28:15)
"The Mindy Project" (00:28:20 - 00:35:50)
NBC Gets the Olympics Through 2032 (00:35:50 - 00:40:05)
"Mad Men" (00:40:05 - 00:59:30)
As always, send questions to firewalliceberg@hitfix.com. You can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file, subscribe on IHeartRadio or stream it on Dan's blog.

There's also now a complete archive of all the podcasts to date.

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<p>Billy Bob Thornton and Colin Hanks in &quot;Fargo.&quot;</p>

Billy Bob Thornton and Colin Hanks in "Fargo."

Credit: FX

Review: 'Fargo' - 'Eating the Blame'

Lorne gets busted, Lester runs into Wrench and Numbers again, and the secret of Stavros' fortune is revealed

A review of tonight's "Fargo" coming up just as soon as I know why the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color...

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<p>Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling in &quot;The Mindy Project.&quot;</p>

Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling in "The Mindy Project."

Credit: FOX

Season finale review: 'The Mindy Project' - 'Danny and Mindy'

Danny makes a last-ditch attempt to win Mindy's heart, rom-com style

A quick review of tonight's "The Mindy Project" season finale coming up just as soon as I find out what your second email address is...

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<p>&quot;Penny Dreadful.&quot;</p>

"Penny Dreadful."

Credit: Showtime

Firewall & Iceberg Show, episode 13: 'Rosemary's Baby,' 'Penny Dreadful' & more

Dan and Alan also preview the network upfronts and revisit the 'Friends' finale

After taking last week off due to various scheduling issues, the Firewall & Iceberg Show is back, as Dan and I review a pair of horror projects debuting on Sunday night, spend a lot of time previewing the network upfronts — and saying "HIEROGLYPH!" — and revisit the 10th anniversary of the "Friends" finale.

The rundown:

0:00- 6:10- Rosemary's Baby
6:10- 11:44- Penny Dreadful
11:44- 15:46- ABC Upfronts
15:46- 18:45- CBS Upfronts
18:45- 23:49- FOX Upfronts
23:49-26:33- NBC Upfronts
26:33- 34:22- Friends Anniversary

As always, you can send us questions at firewalliceberg@hitfix.com. There's also now a YouTube channel where you can subscribe to all upcoming Firewall & Iceberg videos, at https://www.youtube.com/show/firewalliceberg.

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<p>The cast of &quot;New Girl.&quot;</p>

The cast of "New Girl."

Credit: FOX

Season finale review: 'New Girl' - 'Cruise'

The gang accompanies Jess and Nick on a cruise they booked when they were dating

A quick review of the "New Girl" season finale coming up just as soon as we ban nautical puns...

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Credit: NBC

The one where 'Friends' ended 10 years ago tonight

Looking back on the legacy of one of TV's most successful sitcoms

Today in We Are All Getting Old And There Is Nothing We Can Do About It: 10 years ago tonight, a little show called "Friends" aired its last episode (titled, in that "Friends" style, "The Last One"). Dan and I are going to talk more about the anniversary on today's Firewall & Iceberg video show, but I wanted to bring up a few points for everybody to kick around in the meantime:

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<p>Louis C.K. in &quot;Louie.&quot;</p>

Louis C.K. in "Louie."

Credit: FX

Season premiere review: 'Louie' - 'Back/Model'

Louie suffers an injury, then spends a long, strange night on the Hamptons

"Louie" finally returned to our television sets tonight. I published my advance review of the new season earlier today, and I have specific thoughts on tonight's two episodes coming up just as soon as I write a letter to AIDS...

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<p>Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub in &quot;24: Live Another Day.&quot;</p>

Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub in "24: Live Another Day."

Credit: FOX

Season premiere review: '24: Live Another Day' - '11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m./12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m.'

Jack and Chloe turn up in London as another POTUS is in need of saving

Jack Bauer is back. I published an advance review of the "24: Live Another Day" premiere this morning, and I have some spoiler-y thoughts on these first two episodes coming up just as soon as we sit the whole thing out in Greenland...

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