<p>Hell on Wheels</p>

Hell on Wheels

Credit: AMC

Ask Alan: Best TV dogs, judging shows based on networks & Alan's to-do list

Do we treat series differently depending on where they air?

Happy Friday, everybody! Ask Alan is, indeed, back on its weekly schedule again, and it's time to hit a trio of tricky questions, including whether we treat shows differently if they air on a prestige network versus one not known for Quality TV, where Bear from Person of Interest belongs in the TV dog pantheon (tricky only because I'm not a pet person), and what shows I fear will remain on my perpetual to-do list (which is where Person of Interest once seemed destined to reside).

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<p>O.J. Simpson: Made in America</p>

O.J. Simpson: Made in America

Credit: ESPN

ESPN's O.J. Simpson documentary is even better than FX's 'The People v. O.J.'

'O.J. Simpson: Made in America' continues an unexpected Trial of the Century renaissance

The TV event of 2016 so far was surely FX's marvelous miniseries The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, which turned the Trial of the (last) Century into 10 fascinating, funny, tragic hours of drama that shed new light on a case that most of its viewers thought they already knew by heart.

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<p>Keri Russell in The Americans</p>

Keri Russell in The Americans

Credit: FX

'Americans' bosses on endgame: 'We hope they'll still trust us two years from now'

Breaking down the FX spy drama's best season so far

The Americans just wrapped up its fourth season, which we now know will be followed by two more (13 episodes, followed by 10) to wrap up the story of the Jennings family. My review of the season finale is here, and I spoke with showrunners Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg about where things stand, how they decided they needed two seasons to wrap things up instead of one, and more, just as soon as I offer you a Coke...

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<p>The Americans</p>

The Americans

Credit: FX

Review: 'The Americans' just closed its best, darkest season yet

Who's heading back to Russia?

A review of tonight's The Americans season finale coming up just as soon as I watch the Super Bowl without you...

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Credit: Hulu

Review: 'Casual' season 2 takes Michaela Watkins to uncomfortable new places

Hulu's unconventional family dramedy returns today

When I watch TV comedies, even the good ones, I often find myself wondering what cocktail of personality disorders would be required to make a real human being behave the way sitcom characters do to further stories and jokes. For the most part, those shows don't want their viewers to ask questions like that, treating references to abandonment issues or hyperactivity as just another humor source.

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Credit: Lifetime

Review: Lifetime's 'UnREAL' gets even darker, and better, in season 2

Drama set backstage at a 'Bachelor'-style dating show returns

Late in the second season premiere of the outstanding Lifetime drama UnREAL, Rachel (Shiri Appleby), a top producer on Everlasting, the Bachelor-esque show-within-the-show, bullies naive young subordinate Madison (Genevieve Buechner) into behaving despicably with one of the Everlasting contestants, all for the sake of a sound byte they can put into a promo. As a tearful Madison struggles with her terrible assigned task, Rachel begins playing Cyrano into her earpiece, controlling one woman in order to manipulate another.

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<p>Game of Thrones</p>

Game of Thrones

Credit: HBO

'Game of Thrones' brings back a long-absent character, and welcomes some new ones

Who is 'The Broken Man,' and what lesson does he have to learn?

A review of tonight's Game of Thrones coming up just as soon as I wonder if you're the worst person I've ever met...

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Credit: HBO

Review: 'Veep' just did one of the all-time great TV kissing scenes

Selina brings her A-game to 'Congressional Ball'

A review of tonight's Veep coming up just as soon as I quote the late Lionel Richie...

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<p>Silicon Valley</p>

Silicon Valley

Credit: HBO

Review: What happens if everything goes right for once on 'Silicon Valley'?

Pied Piper tries 'To Build a Better Beta' in a surprisingly emotional episode

A review of tonight's Silicon Valley coming up just as soon as I pretend I share a room with Harriet Tubman...

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Credit: AMC

Review: 'Preacher' keeps piling on the crazy with 'See'

It doesn't all make sense right now, but boy is it fun to look at

A review of tonight's Preacher coming up just as soon as I'm a right-handed Sagitarius who's never seen the Pacific and thinks The Big Lebowski is overrated...

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