<p>Dean Norris as Big Jim in &quot;Under the Dome.&quot;</p>

Dean Norris as Big Jim in "Under the Dome."

Credit: CBS

Series premiere: 'Under the Dome' - 'Pilot'

What did everybody think of how CBS adapted the Stephen King novel?

I published my review of CBS' Stephen King adaptation "Under the Dome" on Sunday. Now it's your turn. What did everybody else think of the pilot? Did a svelter Dean Norris work for you in a more prominent role than he usually has as Hank Schrader? Did you like Mike Vogel as the mysterious Barbie? Was Junior creepy or campy? And do you find this town and its inhabitants compelling enough to spend a summer watching? 

I understand Brian K. Vaughan and company have made some significant departures from the book. Nevertheless, let's keep any book discussion as vague as possible, if not ignoring it altogether, rather than let this turn into a "Game of Thrones" situation. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to cover this weekly; I'll have to see what I feel about the next few episodes, but I can try to at least put up brief discussion posts about them.

In the meantime, have at it.

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Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 188: 'Mad Men,' 'Under the Dome,' 'Hannibal' & more

Firewall & Iceberg Podcast, episode 188: 'Mad Men,' 'Under the Dome,' 'Hannibal' & more

Dan and Alan also pay tribute to the late James Gandolfini and Gary David Goldberg


Even before the tragic deaths of James Gandolfini and Gary David Goldberg, Dan and I were looking at splitting this week's Firewall & Iceberg Podcast into two installments. Once we lost those two TV giants, the decision to split was easy. So you get tribute talk, an "Under the Dome" review and finale discussion of "Mad Men" and "Hannibal" today, and later in the week you'll get "Dexter," "Ray Donovan" and our pilot rewatch of "The Dick Van Dyke Show" and "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." 

The lineup:

James Gandolfini & Gary David Goldberg (00:2:10 - 00:20:30)
"Under the Dome" (00:20:40 - 00:27:05)
"Hannibal" (00:27:10 - 00:47:50)
"Mad Men" (00:47:50 - 01:39:25)
As always, you can subscribe to The Firewall & Iceberg Podcast over at the iTunes Store, where you can also rate us and comment on us. Or you can always follow our RSS Feed, download the MP3 file or stream it on Dan's blog.
And as always, feel free to e-mail us questions for the podcast.
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<p>On &quot;Mad Men,&quot;&nbsp;Bob Benson (James Wolk) was introduced as a foil for Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser). </p>

On "Mad Men," Bob Benson (James Wolk) was introduced as a foil for Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser).

Credit: AMC

'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner on season 6

What happened with Avon? Why did Don's ads keep omitting the product? And what was challenging about writing 1968?

The penultimate season of "Mad Men" has come to an end — and a hell of an end it was, as I discuss in my review of the finale. I also spoke with series creator Matthew Weiner about Don's choices (and their consequences), the secret origin of Bob Benson, the way history intruded on fiction like never before, and more, all coming up just as soon as I get to that sandwich on my desk before you do...

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<p>Jon Hamm as Don Draper in the &quot;Mad Men&quot;&nbsp;season finale.</p>

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in the "Mad Men" season finale.

Credit: AMC

Season finale review: 'Mad Men' - 'In Care Of'

Don has memories of chocolate, Ted makes a decision about Peggy and Pete takes a drive

And so another season of "Mad Men" — the penultimate, in fact — has come to an end. I have a review of the season finale coming up just as soon as I drive a Camaro through your lobby...

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<p>In &quot;Under the Dome,&quot;&nbsp;fiancees Natalie Martinez and Josh Carter find themselves on opposite sides of the barrier.</p>

In "Under the Dome," fiancees Natalie Martinez and Josh Carter find themselves on opposite sides of the barrier.

Credit: CBS

Review: CBS' 'Under the Dome' gets off to a good start

Brian K. Vaughan does a solid adaptation of the story about a town trapped inside an invisible barrier

As the last real broadcast network left, CBS doesn't need to experiment as much as its competitors. They're all trying to invent new rules for the business, while CBS still manages to make money and find big audiences under the old rules.

Every now and then, though, the good ol' Eye Network will try something different, and the premiere of "Under the Dome" tomorrow night at 10 seems like one of its more intriguing experiments of late.

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<p>In &quot;Crossing Lines,&quot;&nbsp;Tom Wlaschiha, Moon Dailly and Willam Fichtner are cops from Germany, France and America.</p>

In "Crossing Lines," Tom Wlaschiha, Moon Dailly and Willam Fichtner are cops from Germany, France and America.

Credit: NBC

Review: NBC's 'Crossing Lines' takes 'Criminal Minds' formula to Europe

An international cast and locations wasted on the same old, same old

In the new NBC drama "Crossing Lines" (Sunday at 9 p.m.), character actor William Fichtner plays Carl Hickman, a legendary former NYPD detective, whose career ended with a disability. He now lives in a trailer behind an Amsterdam carnival and has a job picking up trash with a stick, which seems about all he's capable of, physically or emotionally, until French colleague Louis Daniel (Marc Lavoine) recruits him for a new, extra-fancy international crime task force. This group, consisting of cops from France, England, Ireland, Germany and other countries, will investigate crimes that transcend any one jurisdiction, with each member providing both a different cultural perspective and their own unique skill set (the Irish cop specializes in weapons and tactics; the German one has lots of cool gadgets). And all they need to be complete is Carl and his gift for criminal profiling.

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<p>Tatiana Maslany as Alison in &quot;Orphan Black.&quot;</p>

Tatiana Maslany as Alison in "Orphan Black."

Credit: BBC America

If I Had An Emmy Ballot 2013: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

An unknown playing multiple roles, the returning favorite, a woman named Emmy, and more

Part 6 of our journey through the Emmy ballot brings us to Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. As always, Fienberg will attempt to rank the contenders from most likely to least likely to be nominated, throwing in a bunch of preferential wild cards along the way. And, as always, I will pretend that I am an actual Academy member who has a ballot and therefore has to narrow his choices down to six people.

Same rules apply: we are working off of the actual Emmy ballot, so we can't nominate people who didn't submit themselves (like if I wanted to nominate Tony Hale for "Arrested Development" rather than "Veep"), and we have to consider people in the category they submitted themselves for, even if that means supporting actors submitting as leads (Rob Lowe, every year) or vice versa (Amy Schumer as supporting for a show that's named after her).

Dan's exhaustive analysis is here, and embedded below (click Launch Gallery to see it), and my picks are coming right up.

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<p>Take it easy, Steve the Drunk:&nbsp;the &quot;Deadwood&quot;&nbsp;reviews will return next week.</p>

Take it easy, Steve the Drunk: the "Deadwood" reviews will return next week.

Credit: HBO

Programming note: 'Deadwood' review delayed

Sorry, hoopleheads, but Al and company will be back next week

As I mentioned last night about "Hannibal," this week got horribly away from me due to various unforeseen circumstances (James Gandolfini's shocking death chief among them). While this is the time when you would ordinarily be reading my review of "Deadwood" season 3, episode 4, "Full Faith and Credit," I haven't even been able to finish watching the episode yet, much less write about it. So we're taking the week off, and pushing "Full Faith and Credit" to next Friday.

Sorry. Couldn't be helped.

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<p>Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy in a scene from the &quot;Hannibal&quot;&nbsp;season finale.</p>

Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy in a scene from the "Hannibal" season finale.

Credit: NBC

'Hannibal' producer Bryan Fuller on the season finale and what's next

When would 'Red Dragon' be adapted? Is there any chance of a Fuller-ized 'Silence of the Lambs' season?

"Hannibal" just concluded an amazing first season of television. Last week, I spoke with the show's executive producer Bryan Fuller about the thought he and his tea put into finding a new take on Hannibal Lecter. I posted the first part of that interview yesterday, and I have the more spoiler-y portion (including some allusions to things from the various Lecter books and movies, so don't read on if you have no idea what's coming next for Lecter, Will Graham, or Jack Crawford) coming up just as soon as I draw you a clock...

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<p>Elijah Wood and Jason Gann in &quot;Wilfred.&quot;</p>

Elijah Wood and Jason Gann in "Wilfred."

Credit: FX

Season premiere review: 'Wilfred' - 'Uncertainty'

Wilfred meets his own clone, and Ryan searches for answers

A review of tonight's "Wilfred" season premiere coming up just as soon as I vaguely remember the Troglodytes...

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