<p>Sean Hayes in NBC's new sitcom &quot;Sean Saves the World.&quot;</p>

Sean Hayes in NBC's new sitcom "Sean Saves the World."

Credit: NBC

Upfronts 2013: NBC starts from scratch again with Michael J. Fox, J.J Abrams and James Spader

After some brief success last fall, the Peacock once again needs a major overhaul

For a few months last fall, it looked like NBC had finally pulled itself out of the gutter and built a foundation for ongoing success. The Peacock was even the number one network going into 2013, had a genuine freshman hit in "Revolution" and several other promising rookies in "Go On" and "The New Normal," both of which were said to symbolize NBC's move away from the niche appeal of "Community" and "Parks and Recreation" and towards something broader and more sustainable.

Then, as usual, NBC went back to being NBC. The three shows that had been primarily responsible for that fall success — "Sunday Night Football," "The Voice" and "Revolution" — went away, and all the ratings success went with them. Without "The Voice" as a lead-in, "Go On" and "The New Normal" cratered, and eventually weren't renewed, while "Parks and Rec" and "Community" are the network's only returning comedies. Every new premiere was a disaster. The return of NBC president Bob Greenblatt's pride and joy, "Smash," was a catastrophe that was eventually banished to Saturdays before cancellation. Even when "The Voice" came back strong in the spring,  "Revolution" returned to fading numbers suggesting that, like "Smash" and "Go On," it might be barely viable without Adam Levine and friends as a lead-in.

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<p>Matt Smith as the Doctor in &quot;Doctor Who.&quot;</p>

Matt Smith as the Doctor in "Doctor Who."

Credit: BBC

Review: 'Doctor Who' - 'Nightmare in Silver'

Neil Gaiman returns to script a Cybermen adventure

A quick review of tonight's "Doctor Who" coming up just as soon as we spend the night at Natty Longshoe's Comical Castle...

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<p>Chris O'Dowd and Christopher Guest on the set of HBO's &quot;Family Tree.&quot;</p>

Chris O'Dowd and Christopher Guest on the set of HBO's "Family Tree."

Credit: Family Tree

'Family Tree' co-creator Christopher Guest on his new HBO comedy

Does an ongoing series need a more normal hero? How do newcomers take to Guest's improvisational approach?

Christopher Guest's new HBO comedy series "Family Tree" starts off from an autobiographical place. Like the show's hero, Tom Chadwick (Chris O'Dowd), Guest once inherited a trunk of family mementos and became obsessed with tracing his own ancestry. Now Guest and co-creator (and Guest repertory player) Jim Piddock have turned that into an ongoing series (it debuts Sunday night at 10:30) that's a mix of Guest's usual absurdity and some more serious, even sweet talk of the meaning of family.

I reviewed the series earlier in the week, and I spoke with Guest about having a sane leading man, the key to telling stories about ridiculous people without being mean, ventriloquism, and more.

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<p>NBC has canceled &quot;Smash,&quot;&nbsp;starring Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee</p>

NBC has canceled "Smash," starring Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee

Credit: NBC

NBC cancels 'Smash'

Musical drama was a pet project of NBC's president, but never connected with audiences

We can now qualify "unqualified success": NBC has canceled "Smash." 

Long the pet project of NBC president Bob Greenblatt, who brought it with him when he arrived from Showtime, "Smash" was instead a very expensive disappointment in its first season and an embarrassing failure in its second. Its modest season 1 ratings were entirely a creation of airing after "The Voice," and left to its own devices in season 2, it tanked so quickly that NBC shuffled "Smash" off to Saturdays to die quietly. Because it was beloved by Greenblatt — who called the show "an unqualified success" after season 1 (after creator Theresa Rebeck and a number of actors were replaced) — there was always a slim chance it might return, but NBC announced tonight that the series won't continue next season.

Amidst all of today's cancellation news (including the death of "Happy Endings," which happened while I was putting my kids to sleep), I wanted to write this one up mainly because I'm curious to hear from people who have stuck with the show through the rest of season 2. I stopped four or five episodes in, once it became clear the new creative team had no idea how irritating Jimmy was, and that most of the other problems hadn't been fixed. For those who've stuck with it, how has it been? I have a very vague sense of what's been happening with "Bombshell" and "Hit List," but has any of it been good?



Credit: NBC

NBC renews 'Community' for season 5

Held until midseason and expected to die, the college comedy was instead one of NBC's less horrible options

Would you accept five seasons and a movie? NBC has renewed "Community" for another season, against all odds.

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<p>Michael Cudlitz as Officer John Cooper on &quot;Southland,&quot;&nbsp;which TNT just canceled.</p>

Michael Cudlitz as Officer John Cooper on "Southland," which TNT just canceled.

Credit: TNT

TNT cancels 'Southland' after cop drama's fifth season

Cop drama found a second life — and greater artistry — after NBC dropped it

"Southland" has gone end of watch, as TNT has, unsurprisingly, opted not to renew the often brilliant cop drama.

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<p>USA&nbsp;says the next season of &quot;Burn Notice&quot;&nbsp;will be the last one.</p>

USA says the next season of "Burn Notice" will be the last one.

Credit: USA

USA says 'Burn Notice' will end this summer

Spy drama's seventh and final season debuts in June

USA has announced that the upcoming seventh season of "Burn Notice" will be the show's last.

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<p>Joel McHale and Alison Brie in the &quot;Community&quot;&nbsp;season finale.</p>

Joel McHale and Alison Brie in the "Community" season finale.

Credit: NBC

Season finale review: 'Community' - 'Advanced Introduction to Finality'

Jeff prepares to graduate, and visitors from the Darkest Timeline try to stop him

A review of tonight's "Community" season finale coming up just as soon as I give you proof of inseam...

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<p>Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski as Pam and Jim on &quot;The Office.&quot;</p>

Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski as Pam and Jim on "The Office."

Credit: NBC

Review: 'The Office' - 'A.A.R.M.'

Jim settles in as Dwight's number two, and Angela's baby causes distractions

A review of tonight's "The Office" coming up just as soon as I throw the summoning bag at you...

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<p>Amy Poehler and the rest of the &quot;Parks and Recreation&quot;&nbsp;gang will be back next season.</p>

Amy Poehler and the rest of the "Parks and Recreation" gang will be back next season.

Credit: NBC

NBC renews 'Parks and Recreation' for season 6

No timeslot or episode number yet, but Leslie Knope and company will be back next season

"Parks and Recreation" is getting a sixth season.

It's not a surprise, given the state of NBC's other comedies — "Parks" is the network's highest-rated sitcom after "The Office," which is ending in a week — but nothing was certain until the network said it. According to a source close to the production, Now according to NBC, the renewal is now official, though other details — timeslot and number of episodes to be produced — will be figured out later. (NBC's fall schedule will be announced on Sunday afternoon.) 

When I inteviewed "Parks" co-creator Mike Schur about the finale, he said he was "fairly confident" in renewal, and had written the finale more to set things up for a sixth season than to act as a de facto series finale, in the way he has so many times in the past. It appears he was right to feel that way.

UPDATE: Not only has NBC confirmed the news, but Schur tells me, "We finished season five, thought about skipping right to season seven, but NBC suggested we just go sequentially, which is smart, so we're going to go ahead and do Season Six."

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