Reagan and Ava give Gams a visit to get her earring in 'The Proposals' episode from 'Up All Night'
THE PROPOSALS (TV-14)REAGAN AND CHRIS HAVE A CHANCE TO REWRITE HISTORY -- JASON LEE, CHRIS DIAMANTOPOULOS AND MARION ROSS GUEST STAR -- When Reagan (Christina Applegate) loses her engagement ring, a Brinkley family heirloom, Chris (Will Arnett) uses the opportunity to give Reagan the proposal he was never able to give. In order to cover up losing the ring, Regan must seek out her worst enemy – Chris’ grandmother (guest star Marion Ross). Meanwhile, Kevin (guest star Jason Lee) returns and tries to win Ava (Maya Rudolph) back with the help of Julian (guest star Chris Diamantopoulos). Jennifer Hall also stars.