A party breaks loose at the festival's campsite in this clip from 'Tonight You're Mine'
Shot entirely on location at Scotland’s famous T in the Park music festival, TONIGHT YOU’RE MINE is directed by David Mackenzie (YOUNG ADAM) and features a young, up-and-coming cast, including Luke Treadaway (BROTHERS OF THE HEAD, CLASH OF THE TITANS) Natalia Tena (ABOUT A BOY, HARRY POTTER), Alastair MacKenzie (PERFECT SENSE), Gavin Mitchell (STILL GAME) and Sophie Wu (KICK ASS). Thomas Leveritt penned the script, and the film was produced by Gillian Berrie. Set against the picturesque yet raucous backdrop of a rock n’ roll music festival, the film follows strutting indie music star Adam (Treadaway) and feisty punk-rock girl band leader Morello (Tena), as they are handcuffed together as part of a backstage altercation. When the two feuding musicians can’t be unhitched from each other, even to perform their separate gigs, it leads them down a comedic, frustrating and ultimately romantic path. (Official Description)