"The Punk Singer: The Documentary about Kathleen Hanna" premiered at SXSW. HitFix's Katie Hasty sat down with Kathleen Hanna, Sini Anderson & Tamra Davis
["The first question that the mention of a documentary about Kathleen Hanna prompts is usually, Why hasn’t one already been made? Credited as a founder of the third wave of feminism and Riot Grrrl – Hanna has been a seminal radical activist, musician, and cultural icon for over twenty years. She’s also been a lightening rod for controversy, and a famously private person. Five years ago, she disappeared from the public eye, and is only now re-emerging. The Punk Singer combines twenty years of archival footage and an intimate look at four consecutive seasons of Hanna’s present life, to tell the story of what happened, and who she is now. (Official Description)"]