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<p>Elijah&nbsp;Wood and Jason Gann on 'Wilfred.'</p>

Wilfred is a dog, a dog played by a human, Jason Gann.  You see, the main character in this story sees the dog not as a dog but as a man in a dog suit and Gann (who co-created the original Australian series) plays the man in the dog suit (not the dog proper).  The character who sees Wilfred as a man in a dog suit is someone we see with hairy feet, funny ears, armor made of mithril, and a dear friend named Samwise, Elijah Wood.  You see, much in the same way that Elijah's character sees a man in a dog suit, we see a hobbit in a human suit.


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  • Jason-gann-and-elijah-wood-on-wilfred_photo_gallery
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