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Who's Still Standing

<p>Ben Bailey of 'Who's Still&nbsp;Standing.'</p>

Who's Still Standing

Jan 30, 2012 08:00 PM

TV Network - NBC

As you are undoubtedly aware (because you study such things), this game show pits contestants against one another in head-to-head battles with the opportunity for folks to win up to one million dollars.  We would say 'one million dollars in cash,' but let's face it, it'll be in check format, not cash.  We can't imagine, no matter what is shown on a game show, people actually really getting to take home cold hard cash once the cameras get turned off.  Based on an Israeli game show (again, as we're sure you know), this U.S. version is hosted by "Cash Cab"'s own Ben Bailey.  And, the season ends tonight.