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    May 10, 2013

    TV Network - CBS

    There is something beautiful about "Vegas" ending its season with its 21st episode.  "Vegas" is ending season one with a blackjack, with a perfect hand.  The question, of course, becomes what they're going to do with it.  Are they going to have a perfect episode to go with the perfect number or are they going to squander it after having too much to drink and, stupidly, hit.  Oh sure, if they have an ace and a face card they could, conceivably, still be okay, but you just don't do that sort of thing, do you?

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    Jan 08, 2013

    Sheriff Lamb is kidnapped by a man bent on revenge, and forced to dig his own grave; Savino and Rizzo are roughed up by a rival mob, and must come up with a deal to save their lives; Katherine and Laura embark on a new partnership.