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  • Homeland-the-choice-season-finale-brody_home_top_story

    Season finale review: 'Homeland' - 'The Choice'

    Posted on Monday, Dec 17, 2012

    The chemistry between Claire Danes and Damian Lewis is so often undeniable, but season 2 has been so all over the map in story and tone that by the time Brod ...

  • Homeland-in-memoriam_home_top_story

    Review: 'Homeland' - 'In Memoriam'

    Posted on Monday, Dec 10, 2012

    What's the plan otherwise? Saul voluntarily leaves the CIA, and he, Carrie, Virgil and Brody form a vigilante anti-terror squad? Okay, I would probably wat ...

  • Homeland-broken-hearts_home_top_story

    Review: 'Homeland' - 'Broken Hearts'

    Posted on Monday, Dec 3, 2012

    It wasn't the whole episode — the moment when Brody drops the mask and gets to tell the dying Walden what he really thinks of him was quite nice ...

  • Homeland-two-hats-morena-baccarin_home_top_story

    Review: 'Homeland' - 'Two Hats'

    Posted on Sunday, Nov 25, 2012

    Brody resurfaces, and Saul looks into Quinn

  • Homeland-ill-fly-away_home_top_story

    Review: 'Homeland' - 'I'll Fly Away'

    Posted on Sunday, Nov 18, 2012

    Brody struggles with the weight of too many lies

  • Homeland-the-clearing_home_top_story

    Review: 'Homeland' - 'The Clearing'

    Posted on Sunday, Nov 11, 2012

    Brody spends much of "The Clearing" dealing with other people's assumptions about who he is — he's deeply shamed when his Vietnam veteran hos ...

  • Homeland-a-gettysburg-address_home_top_story

    Review: 'Homeland' - 'A Gettysburg Address'

    Posted on Sunday, Nov 4, 2012

    Carrie and Brody get to work, but who's playing who?

  • Homeland-q-and-a-morena-baccarin_home_top_story

    Review: 'Homeland' - 'Q and A'

    Posted on Sunday, Oct 28, 2012

    Nazir needed that much time to take a loyal, patriotic soldier and turn him into someone willing to strap on a suicide vest and blow himself up along with V ...

  • Homeland-new-car-smell_home_top_story

    Review: 'Homeland' - 'New Car Smell'

    Posted on Sunday, Oct 21, 2012

    * Virgil!!!! It took four episodes, but our man with the van is back, as is his brother Max ...

  • Homeland-state-of-independence_home_top_story

    Review: 'Homeland' - 'State of Independence'

    Posted on Sunday, Oct 14, 2012

    We don't know if the tailor is right to assume he's being driven to his death, but his paranoia and the complete lack of information given to Brody starts t ...

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