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Upstairs Downstairs

<p>Ellie Kendrick, Keeley Hawes, Adrian  Scarborough, Jean Marsh, and Nico  Mirallegro in 'Upstairs Downstairs.'</p>

Over the course of the next three Sundays, PBS will be airing an update to an utterly classic television series, "Upstairs Downstairs."  This new series, entitled "Upstairs Downstairs" (yes, odd, we know) will take place in 1936 and again show us the lives of the well-to-do juxtaposed with the lives of those who serve them.  The first "Upstairs Downstairs" has survived the test of time and is still much loved and well-regarded today.  Will the new one be as successful?  Why not try out the first episode and decide for yourself?


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