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Up all Night

<p>Christina Applegate and Will Arnett in 'Up all Night.'</p>

When we first heard that NBC was going to be airing something called "Up all Night" we hoped and prayed that they were in fact bringing back the classic B-movie night-long program that aired on USA oh so many years ago.  That was our first experience with "The Toxic Avenger" as well as the second and third films in the franchise ("Citizen Toxie" came out after USA's "Up All Night" was already long gone), and is a hugely fond memory of our childhood.  This show is actually a sitcom wherein Applegate and Arnett play a married couple who just had a baby, with Arnett being the stay at home dad (kind of like that episode of "30 Rock").  It'll probably have better production values than the USA show.


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